1. shepherdO

    Fattening up Mutton

    Okay, so I'm going to be sending my two old rambouillet-suffolk gals of to butcher at the end of October, as they're getting on in years. Both needed intervention (only 1 of their 4 lambs survived), although both fostered a couple lambs. I'm wondering how to beef them up a bit between now and...
  2. MargaretClare

    Storing Caul Fat??

    I was planning on keeping the caul fats off our butchers this year and trying some recipes but I won't be using all of them immediately. What are some ways to store it so that it will remain intact? I know it's pretty perishable and I've read it can be frozen but are there certain storage...
  3. Karl Atkins

    Things to have to butcher a hog

    so what would be a list of thing that I need at butcher time? This is what I already have : Meat grinder 1hp motor Banquet table Hatchet Electronic scale goes to 22 lbs The wife said no on the food saver seal a meal she thinks it would take to much time So I have to buy some freezer paper...