1. Kalimak

    Purebred Nubian buck available

    Purebred Nubian buck available in royal palm beach Florida. 10 months old. CDT up to date. He’s from Blissberry and J&M Hideaway lines. His mom milks a gallon a day. Strong and healthy. Colored white and mocha.
  2. D&E_Creamery

    New to the Goat Life

    Hey! New to Goats over here! I was just given a Kiko/Nubian doe. I'm looking to purchase several more goats this spring with the intent of creating a small dairy for family and friend use. Raw milk sales are illegal in the state where I reside and pasteurized milk must be inspected even when...
  3. A

    New to goats feed question

    Hi everyone, so I have a friend who wants two pygmy goats and wishes me to house them. I have also been planning on adding Nigerian Dwarf goats to my farm and thought it would be a good idea to get them all at the same time so I can have a decent size herd to start and no one will get lonely...
  4. Wehner Homestead

    Milking Machines

    We had the opportunity to see two goats milked with a machine at the same time on Fri evening. It was very fast. I don’t feel like cleaning the tubing makes it justifiable for milking two does (IMHO.) DH did ask me to go ahead and start gathering information. He’d like information from two...
  5. M

    Which products from which animals? (Dairy)

    Hello, About a year ago when we first started putting together our little farm I was reading through a website about different diary producing animals. I was not smart enough to bookmark that website and have been searching for it ever since. There was one piece of information that stuck with...
  6. BlessedBGoats

    National Dairy Goat Awareness Week!

    Hello all and happy National Dairy Goat Awareness Week! A Brief History The first Dairy Goat Awareness Day was observed in 1986. On June 12, 1986, the American Dairy Goat Association presented six dairy goat kids to the US Department of Agriculture. At that time, an ADGA Life Membership...
  7. EllieMay

    When City Folk Think Farming is Easy...

    Too funny! Video Link: City Folk Farming .
  8. TheKindaFarmGal

    TheKindaFarmGal's Journal - Long overdue updates! Cow calved

    Before I begin, I just want to say that @micah wotring made me do this. I mentioned I was thinking about starting a journal, and he made a ridiculous claim that left me no option but to start a journal as soon as I could. And that is now. :D =D Now, I probably won't be very good at this, cuz...
  9. TheKindaFarmGal

    New from BYC and Brazil! :D

    Hey everybody! I've stalked BYH for years, and been a member of BYC for over a year now under the same name. I'm a Christian teenage girl living in Brazil with my family, but I'm from the USA - I guess we're kinda considered missionaries. :) I love animals, and we currently have 1 peacock, 1...
  10. GAF

    First Fresheners

    I have a Saanen FF who is giving 2 quarts a day. I also have a FF Nigerian Dwarf who gives a quart a day. Should I expect an increase in milk production in future years, or is that about as good as it will get?☺
  11. E an J Dixon

    Hello from Dixsigns Romping Rock Dairy in Clayton, Idaho.

    Howdy from Idaho, My husband Ed and I run a small licensed raw milk dairy in central Idaho. I found this site this morning because I had forgotten how to mix the 107 gram packet of Di-methox into a 12.5% solution. Thanks for being here. Juanita