1. S

    Hey All 🙋‍♀️

    I am from the foothills of NC. We have dogs, cats, and I work closely with a friend that has Chickens. But the main reason I am here is we have 3 Quarter Horses and I am wanting to learn all I can.
  2. SloanHerd

    New from Tuscaloosa, Alabama

    Hi, all! My name is Ross and I am new to this group and the goating world (WOW, there’s a lot to learn!!!!). My wife and I purchased two female Nigerian Dwarf goats and we are in love. We named them after our favorite beaches, Rosemary and Alys! I am constantly looking for information and...
  3. Legamin

    FDA Regulations for Vets and Sheep Producers - VCPR

    After looking on the FDA web site I am more confused that ever. It seems that by 2023 all farm producers will have no other choice for antibiotics and some NSAIDS for pain control but the Vet…not just any vet but one that has submitted to, been licensed specifically for this purpose by, the...
  4. C

    Sheep books?

    Anyone have recommendations on sheep care, handling, and health books? I need the in-depth kind of stuff, not basics/overview/breeds/etc that most books contain.
  5. JonesLaneHomestead

    Weird Rash on Goat's Leg

    Hello. So I am in Tennessee and in the last few days, we have had buckets of rain dumped on us. I have two goats, who have a covered shelter, but the rain blew in the last day and got everything wet. I believe my mama goat might have lice and/or mites, so she is has patchy fur (if anyone...
  6. seachick

    Planning our pasture... soggy area in woods OK?

    Hello, We live on a small <1 acre lot in the suburbs and are getting 2 Nigerian Dwarf does. We plan to fence in a part of our grassy lawn that is about 1000 square feet for them, but it has no shrubs or trees. We DO have a big chunk of wooded area that we could fence, but it's pretty soggy. In...
  7. H

    HerdDogg for backyard farmers?

    Hello everyone, I'm Melissa Brandao, CEO of HerdDogg. We're based in Ashland, Oregon and developed a bluetooth based smart tag and reader and animal health platform for producers. You can tag your animals and gather the biometrics directly to your phone or you can use a doggbone to gather data...
  8. Feo

    Goat under 29 inches. Can I show?

    Hey i just got a Nubian... a year and a half old... and I was wondering if she has to be 29 inches to show? She is currently an inch or two short. If not, can she be show as a mini? Thanks
  9. First Time Goat.Mum

    Scours, again?!

    Dilbert and Cooper, my two wethers, have had their fair share of issues with lice, eye infections and scours. I thought they were on the road to recovery with a new diet and some medications (ProBios and Pedialyte) but out of no where yesterday Cooper got a bad case of the scours. I am thinking...
  10. SheepGirl

    Transporting livestock

    Found this excellent Web site for animal health requirements going from state to state based on species, thought I would share...
  11. Beekissed

    A place to discuss natural treatment of parasites

    I saw this forum doesn't have many posts on it and not much activity, which saddens me. I'm a big fan of using natural means to maintain health when at all possible, especially for animals. Lately I've been exploring the same methods for my dogs, though I've used natural methods on them down...