1. H

    Orphaned lamb - feeding

    We have a very young (perhaps a week old?) orphaned lamb. He is feeding well but how do we feed him if we have to go to work?
  2. TheSheeper

    LGD chews on lambs

    My LGD won’t stop trying to chew on my lambs. She’s 6 months old and has been with them since she was an 8-week-old puppy. This morning I’m giving the animals water and I look over and the LGD is standing over a lamb, she grabs the lamb by the extra skin and she’s about to lift him when I yell...
  3. Childwanderer

    SOLD - Gulf Coast Native Ewe and Lamb for Sale (Splendora, TX)

    The unregistered, Gulf Coast Native ewe ("Dido" DOB 2/10/2019) and her band-castrated lamb (DOB 12/28/2020) were both sired by LFF Ariestotle GCA 3066. Dido's dam was bred on Laughing Frog Farm in Hempstead, TX, but unregistered due to missing records. The ewe has been exposed to the same ram...
  4. shp123

    Help...newborns not getting milk from mother ewe

    We have twin boys from 12/26. They don’t seem to be getting milk from mom. We squeezed her teats and intermittently some milk squirted. Of course, we are newbies and may not know how to squeeze, but at least no wax blocking The lambs are not getting milk, so we took them inside and tried to...
  5. Childwanderer

    TX - Gulf Coast Ram (no longer available)

    TX, near Houston. GCN intact ram born 1/31/2019 available for sale. Twin, polled, sired by a registered ram, pictured beside him below. This sweetheart (we call him Chesterton) loves chin-scratchings. His father is a good-tempered registered GCN who peaceably stays with the ewes year-round...
  6. TurtleCrossingRanch

    Lamb Refusing to Eat, Drink, or Stand

    I have a 4 month old Barbados lamb that refuses to eat, drink, or stand on her own. She is having regular bowel movements and peeing (hard pea-sized pellets, and slightly yellow urine). I think she ate something in the pasture that didn't agree with her, and she bloated. I have been successful...
  7. N

    Lamb teeth grinding - Please help a new lamb owner!

    Hi there, I have had a look through the forums and can't find much similar and am requesting help. I am raising a lamb that I found on the side of the road 3 weeks ago. She was 2.0kg (4.4lbs), barely moving, frozen and wet and had just been born with no sheep in sight. 3 weeks on - She is now...
  8. Childwanderer

    43 Day old male ram lost circulation to tail

    TL;DR: is it dangerous to return full bloodflow to a swollen tail-tip that is constricted by mud? One of our ram lambs, born 1/31/2019, has a swollen tail tip with crusted mud, some blood, and clear oozing. I thought it was just mud/dung stuck to his tail, but I found that a tight ring of mud...
  9. Kasey

    Possible lame lamb???

    I had a ewe give birth recently to 2 lambs, one I had to bring in and bottle feed due to its leg being broken (possibly by being stepped on) everything has been going well, she has a cast on the broken leg and has been eating well. About 2 days ago though, she suddenly hasn’t been able to stand...
  10. TurtleCrossingRanch

    Lambing in Inclement Weather

    We got our flock of Barbados Blackbellies of 6 in early August and our girls must have already been pregnant, because I found a nice pair of surprises when I went out to them today: one of my ewes had twins! The gentleman we got them from said the two ewes were likely pregnant when we got them...
  11. R

    New Lamb Owner-Help!

    Hi Everyone, I am at the very beginner stages of have a few livestock as pets. I have 2 bunnies, 2 goat kids (maybe 3 to 4 months old) and 1 lamb (maybe 2 months old) I just got by chance. I have 3 separate stalls in the stable area. I had put the very calm newbie lamb with the goats so as not...
  12. R

    LAMB feed

    Hi Everyone, I am at the very beginner stages of have a few livestock as pets. I have 2 bunnies, 2 goat kids (maybe 3 to 4 months old) and 1 lamb (maybe 2 months old) I just got by chance. I have 3 separate stalls in the stable area. I had put the very calm newbie lamb with the goats so as not...
  13. Randakay99

    Lamb Grinding Teeth - help!

    I have an almost three month old lamb. I wormed him three days ago for the first time. He has been fine and eating. This AM he started teeth grinding. Nothing else has changed in his diet. He stopped teeth grinding for about an hour and just laid down to rest. I gave him a little 5g of...
  14. Krysten Frasure

    Lamb head/neck injury

    long story short, our 1 week old lamb was bitten by my dog. My dog is a Great Dane. Her eye was very swollen and seems off. She had blood coming out of her nose and a small cut under her eye. She was laying there all limp and when I picked her up her neck just flopped. Was going to put her down...
  15. Kasey

    A young lamb not gaining weight?

    Back in the beginning of November, I had twin lambs born. One had very weak back legs and could not stand, while the other was a healthy large female. A month later the female sadly died due to bloat, but the male lived and continued to thrive. About December he had suddenly gotten sick and...
  16. K

    Switching nipples

    ok so I’ve raised my lambs on 9oz dollar store baby bottles thus far. They are now ready for much bigger quantities so I got 1 quart bottles with lamb nipples and they hate them! I have to force feed them. I hate having to bringing out the extra formula and pour multiple bottles so how do I...
  17. WildOaksManor

    Scours in bottle fed lamb - 60 hrs old??

    This is my first bottle baby, rejected at birth. Wensleydale ram. He got colostrum for the first 6 hrs, then two long 15 min feeds, 12 hrs apart while the ewe was restrained. Obviously not sure exactly how much he got. He is now on powdered milk replacer. Started out feeding 4 ounces every 3 hrs...
  18. Matt n Lee

    Lang Family Farms - 2018 Lambs

    We had an eventful weekend ya'll. 2 of our 7 ewes have lambed. That means they we pregnant before we got them and will let us add some new blood to the herd YAY!
  19. newton the goat

    any bets for when she is due?

    So my ewe is seriously pregnant though she doesnt have an udder yet i know that she is over two months (been keeping a very close eye on them daily watching how the have changed etc) Her vulva looks normal but recently her personality has turned to the exact opposite it was previously. Instead...
  20. BunnyBoxHop

    Cutest Sheep/Lamb Contest~ Ends August 20th 2017

    Howdy and welcome to my contest! :woot Rules 1. Follow all BYH rules! 2. Be nice 3. NO cussing or censoring letters 4. Tell a friend! (You don't have to, but I would love if you did! :p) 5. HAVE FUN!!! Fill out this form Sheep/Lamb: Breed: Age: Gender (if known): Name: Picture: I will choose...