1. Wehner Homestead


    As some of you know, we have Nigees and love them! We got dairy goats to provide milk for our medically fragile daughter. Our goal is to replace all of her dairy intake with caprine. BYH has introduced me to Minis as I had never heard of them prior. We are strongly considering either getting a...
  2. DawnStarAZ

    AZ--MDGA/TMGR Miniature LaManchas for Sale

    We are reducing our herd size and moving animals out, to bring fresh blood into the state. I have several animals for sale, to see pedigrees--pictures, and all that good stuff please visit our web page. There is too much info for me to include on every animal, and I am not a novelist ;) TIA...
  3. A

    help! sick mini piglet!

    One of my mini piglets are sick! All 5 of them were abandoned by mom 3 says after birth so we took them inside to care for them. They are a week and a day old. Up until 2 says ago she was doing great just like her brother and 3 sisters. Now she mopes around and barely eats... Could it be...
  4. raeleigh26

    NE ok, iso mini cattle

    Does anyone have mini cattle for sale near Tulsa, ok, Any breed, heifers or cows? Thanks in advance!