nigerian dwarf kid

  1. Wehner Homestead

    Worming During Pregnancy and Lactation

    Have a Nigerian doe that looked “rough.” She’s nursing trips that are growing well and we are milking her once a day. Mucosal color is pale. Took a fecal to be checked to be safe and she came back positive for stomach worms and “a few coccidia.” Our typical regimen for this result would be...
  2. Wehner Homestead

    Wehner Homestead Kidding Thread 2018

    We are getting geared up for our first Nigerian Dwarf babies! (We had one kid in Oct but we lost the kid and it was a csection. We also had Boers so this isn't our first kidding but we are beyond excited about Nigees!) Diamond due 1/23, 2F (FF triplet doelings) Nellie due 4/2, 2F (FF single...
  3. Wehner Homestead


    We are expecting our first Nigerian Dwarf goat kids in January. I'm trying to figure out naming each animal. With our Cattle, we name each subsequent one with the same first letter as the dam. For example: Maddie has had Mollie, Melody, Maizy, and Mya. I realize that goats can be much more...
  4. Finge

    3 week old kid became limp, how to cure?

    So, today one of my first kids, he's three weeks old, became limp, he was fine only a few hours ago, we went out to eat, came back and I tried to feed him, he fed well, but when I put him down to walk to his brother, he collapsed and wouldn't get back up. He's floppy, but we don't think he has...
  5. Finge

    Trouble Bottle Feeding

    So, today my parents surprised me with two Nigerian bucklings, and we're having trouble bottle feeding, I don't know if they're just not hungry or not, ill try in the morning and see if they cooperate a bit more. They are both almost 3 weeks old.
  6. totesmcgoats

    Baby Nigerians! Also, help!

    hi all! Came out to the barn this morning to two cutie bucklings, still a little damp. I just missed it! My question is about nursing. My nanny has a very low hanging udder and the kids are having a hard time getting a hold of the teat. She won't let me try and help the kids latch. I'm not...
  7. totesmcgoats

    Baby Nigerian goats! :-)

    Holy goats! I came out to feed my goats and there are two new babies! We didn't even know she was pregnant! I am not prepared - please give me your quick and dirty to get these guys ft to a good start! These are our first babes!