nigerian dwarf wethers

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    Weaning 13 week old wether

  2. 2

    Banding…Testes look alright?

  3. Miranda Kurucz

    I made my boys their very own Goat Boat

    I am so proud of this project! Meet our new boys! Lenny and Carl have been home for a 11 days now and I figured it was time to share their awesome house!!! I am so proud of The Goat Boat: To see more on the making of:
  4. Slipperygoose

    Our first deposit was made!

    Y'all I'm so excited! We just put our deposit down on our 2 wethers. She will castrate them and let us know in a few days when we can come in get them!! I'm so thankful to have found this forum! You all have given me the knowledge and confidence to take the plunge and become a goat mama!! Here...
  5. E

    Questions about the care of backyard Nigerian Dwarf Goat wethers

    Hi! I'm Elise, I just joined. I'd like to introduce myself and ask a few questions. My family and I are looking into purchasing two or three young NDG wethers to have as companions/pets in our backyard (don't worry, there's space.) Since we will likely be bringing them home around mid-July...