1. Carla D

    URGENT: bottle feeding piglets info desperately needed.

    We had ten baby piglets three days ago. We are down to three now. I think the only way we will manage to save them is if we take them away from their momma and bottle feed them. I’m going to need some fast tips on how to bottle feed them. ***Will they drink from Pritchard nipples? ***How much...
  2. Coolbreeze89

    Piglets in cool weather

    I have 2 female Kunekune piglets, about 6 weeks old. They’re too small to go in my pen with my bigger pigs. Here in Texas, we’re about to approach the 40s at night (chilly for us!). Do the piglets need a heat lamp or am I overworrying? They have an igloo with thick, dry bedding, that faces out...
  3. AndreaS

    Nursing sow concerns

    Hi All, We have a 1 year old gloucestershire old spot sow who had piglets a week ago. This is her first litter and our second time going through the farrowing process so we're still newbies. She had 8 piglets and they were all doing well. Last night we castrated the three boys and that went...
  4. tailsticks

    Tick treatment for pigs with babies

    I have three hand raised adult wild pigs (here in Hawaii) and now two (five day old) babies. For the first time I have noticed ticks on the both the adults and the now the babies. The only tick here in Hawaii is the brown (dog) tick. I wanted a recommendation for treating the pigs -...
  5. tailsticks

    Piglet help!

    Hi - I am in Hawaii, I have three adult pet wild pigs that were all hand raised and one of them had three babies on Dec 13th. All three nursed the first day. Then day two one was pushed out and was not nursing while the other two thrived. He could barely stand, the other two were bouncing...
  6. Farmer Connie

    Playing with the Piggies!

    I need to make some more piggy vids. Here is a somewhat recent vid with a couple different litters. Berkshires and GOS's. Fun when they are tiny. :frowFC
  7. Farmer Connie

    Hello from North Central Florida!

    I am happy to be apart of this wonderful site! I have been lurking in the shadows reading threads and such. It is nice to be able to tap into such a site as this and enjoy all the experiences and be able to share a few of mine as well. We have a small hobby farm in Florida where we breed and...
  8. A

    help! sick mini piglet!

    One of my mini piglets are sick! All 5 of them were abandoned by mom 3 says after birth so we took them inside to care for them. They are a week and a day old. Up until 2 says ago she was doing great just like her brother and 3 sisters. Now she mopes around and barely eats... Could it be...
  9. E

    Help! Piglet Itchy,Sick. Runt

    Someone I know how has a young piglet that was a runt. Not sure on the breed but its a large one and she only weighs 13 lbs! Shes indoors, and im pretty sure she has Mange. I know how to administer Injections in goats and rabbits. BUT, not sure with pigs. She also has Diarrhea and im pretty sure...
  10. Ferguson K

    Ferguson K's 2016 farrowing thread!

    This thread may not be very fun, I'm afraid. At the moment we only have two females bred. Rita, if she took on her first breeding, is due any day now. She's showing premature signs. Her little tests have started to enlarge and she's slowing on appetite. DH called me frantically to the pen...
  11. T

    Line breeding. NEED HELP

    Hi there, I just bought 2 Hampshire pigs, same dad different moms,they arent ready to breed yet, but when they are can I breed them? I've done a little research and it looks like a hit or miss, I just need some opinions so just let me know. Thanks!