rabbit breeding

  1. I

    Meat and fur rabbits

    My husband and I are looking into rabbits for the sale of bones (mostly skulls) and their fur. But if we can also get meat as a treat for the dogs that’s a big bonus. What would be the best breed for this? And is there anything special we should know about before getting started? We’ll probably...
  2. newton the goat

    Need all the info i can get

    Hello guys, I need as much info about all topics of rabbits that i can get. Though im not a total noob and have raised rabbits in the past, that was still over ten years ago and i have forgotten a lot of things. I currently getting three flemish new Zealand crosses (two does and a buck) who are...
  3. Marie28

    How old do you wean the your kits? (Poll)

    At what age do you wean your kits? Are there certain things that would make you do it sooner or later? Well ruby's single kit is now 4 weeks old. Its doing great. It still trys to nurse on ruby but when I'm out there ruby runs away from it every time. So after rereading when I should wean the...
  4. Kailey Williamson

    Rabbit pregnancy problems

    I have a 2 and half year old Dutch doe that was bred on February 1st and was due to have her kits around March 2nd or 3rd but she started pulling fur and making a nest last night? Could this be a false pregnancy? Or could she actually be pregnant and just making her nest early?
  5. M

    Mating different breeds of rabbits?

    is it OK to mate different breeds of rabbits for example I have three does we call them here Maltese Rabbits but I think they are New Zealand White can I mate them with mini type male rabbits or other big breeds any answer or experience or god resources about this subject is highly appreciated...
  6. Jacob Zierke

    What color of babies will I get?

    I was just wondering what are the most likely colors from these two? Thank you so much!:D =D Buck Doe
  7. M

    Breeding questions

    We will be moving and buying my aunt and uncles 5acre small farm. We are moving this year but wont be introducing meat rabbits till later next year. So I am just doing my work at gathering the information needed to have a successful rabbit production. I will create different threads for each of...