skin problems

  1. JonesLaneHomestead

    Weird Rash on Goat's Leg

    Hello. So I am in Tennessee and in the last few days, we have had buckets of rain dumped on us. I have two goats, who have a covered shelter, but the rain blew in the last day and got everything wet. I believe my mama goat might have lice and/or mites, so she is has patchy fur (if anyone...
  2. N

    Opinions please! Pig Runt has horrible scabs?

    We received our (what we were told was a 3 month old) runt about 4 days ago. We were given her to us for free when we bought two other pigs from a pig farmer. What the guy said was "you guys want this runt? The mom just didn't have enough milk so she got pushed out and she never grew" so mind...
  3. B

    Skin ulcer cause?

    Hi, I'm a new goat owner (almost 2 years). This lesion appeared on one of my Oberhasli does about 10 days ago. At first, I thought it was an abrasion, but it appears to be spreading. Does anyone know what it is and how it's treated? How panicked should I be? Likely not relevant, but she is...
  4. J

    Pot bellied pigs skin problems

    We are thinking of getting a pot bellied pig, but I want to find out as much as I can before we do. I've read they can be prone to skin problems such as dryness? What can I do to prevent this problem and what other skin problems are they prone to?