1. E

    Sheep on 1/2 acre?

    Is it realistic to have 2 milk sheep on 1/2 acre? There's already chain link all around. If the space is adequate, how would the fence need to be modified to keep them in? Thanks!
  2. shepherdO

    Lambing Countdown - a Few Questions

    Well, I'm down to the last few weeks before lambs are due, and I'm trying to make sure everything is in order. I have 8 ewes, including 3 experienced mums (a little Katahdin who had quads last year, and other multiples before that, 2 big hair/wool crosses, both having had twins and triplets in...
  3. Carla D

    Why is Midnight doing this to Chestnut?

    We have two 6 month gilts both are approximately 150-175#, I’m guessing. The two of them had both shared a smaller pasture with a makeshift shelter for them to get out of the weather in. Because of our young boars behavior, he had the spot where these two gilts are now housed. And he is where...