1. CourtneySC24

    Pregnant Does with Lice, used Prozap dust, can I apply CyLence?

    We have three pregnant does. I bathed one of them last week and didn't see any bugs on her.. but now she seems to be infested with little white larvae looking bugs and some larger darker lice looking bugs. After reading up I believe its sucking lice. We've never experienced this before, but I...
  2. tailsticks

    Tick treatment for pigs with babies

    I have three hand raised adult wild pigs (here in Hawaii) and now two (five day old) babies. For the first time I have noticed ticks on the both the adults and the now the babies. The only tick here in Hawaii is the brown (dog) tick. I wanted a recommendation for treating the pigs -...
  3. C

    Is This Bumblefoot?

    Would be posting this on BYC if it were an option! Oh well. I've treated bumblefoot before, but this is a little different. It's my one-legged rooster. He's got a scab on his stump that looks like it might be bumblefoot, might not be. It's not a round "plug," and there's no swelling...It really...