2 week old jack not thriving.


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Jun 21, 2011
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E. Texas
I have a two week old little jack. He is the mothers first, (and ours) and a big surprise to us. We got her about 11 months ago and I had no idea she was pregnant. I thought she had a huge grass belly, and wormed her 2x. Duh.
Anyway, she did well, and he seemed okay, until about 10 days, when he got scours. I read this is typical, so just kept an eye on him. Yesterday, at day 13 he seemed very lethargic and had very watery yellow bm's. although he was still nursing. I gave him about 1 1/2 oz of kaopectate, and 2 oz of Pro-Lyte Plus Nutritional/Enery Supplement. He seemed much better by evening and was back to following his mother and other 2 donks around. His bm's even looked like they might be getting thicker and darker. This morning he still seemed better, so I didn't give him anything. I saw him nurse and follow the others around, he even seemed to have a bit more bounce in his step. I just came back in now, this afternoon and see watery yellow bm's again, but he doesn't seem as lethargic as yesterday. Should I give more kaopectate and Pro-Lyte? :idunno I am so confused as to whether this little guy needs to see the vet or not. We had the vet out the day after he was born to check him and the mother out. He did a "foal protocol", so he has been checked out and got vaccinated. We really can't afford to keep having the vet here, and I have another Jenny due within a few days, so he'll have to be out again then.
Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated. I keep being told by my husband, and my dad ( he lives next door) that I'm a like a momma hen, and need to stop worrying and let his mother, and nature, take it's course. I don't know if that's possible...I'm a worrier when it comes to these fragile little babes. He also seems thin, I can feel his ribs. I wish I knew what was "normal"! Help!


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