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May 11, 2017
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Sonoma County, California
Long line for training. Put him on it and hold the other end. When he sets off to chase: IMPRESSIVE dressing down and immediate time out inside (bathroom, spare room) door closed no interaction. Try and see how long you have to keep him in time out to make an impression. Then welcome him back to the pack and take him out again. Repeat. If he doesn’t have it the third time, quit for the day and keep him inside or on short leash with you. Repeat the next day. He needs to know this is serious and will be no more tolerated than chasing stock for example. A zap collar won’t do anything if he is really enthusiastic. You have to actually KEEP Him from doing it - the more he chases the more he learns to chase. Good Luck!
Oh, need to add: the pup needs to learn self control in order to succeed - if he CAN’T control himself because he hasn’t learned this is hopeless. So you have to train him apart from the anti-chase training of course. From basic sit before putting down the food bowl and waiting for an OK before approaching and eating his food, to sits for ANYTHING you do for him, “stay” training , etc. Great is also to play ball with him and train “wait” and release before he is allowed to run and get the ball. Train “stop” to stop him from a run, then combine throwing the ball and using the “stop” command when he is chasing the ball.
So Train Train Train - as others said a GSD is very trainable but you HAVE to put in the work. A collar is a lazy “substitute “ for training that easily fails. Plus, if you train you’ll end up with a better dog in all respects.


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Jan 1, 2017
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We have a German Shepherd puppy, male, 4 months old that had decided it is great fun to chase cars, pickup trucks, delivery trucks, milk tankers... well you get the idea.

Who has some great ideas on how to stop this before I have a flattened dog?

The DH is lobbying for chaining the pooch up when someone comes, I'm thinking tossing the dog in a crate but I found out yesterday that even if you hold on the the pup until the vehicle is out of sight he still takes off like a shot. So far has always returned...

I would greatly, greatly, did I say greatly appreciate all ideas short of getting rid of the dog. He is adorable other than this chasing thing.

We lost a year old yellow lab puppy due to running off of our property. She ran on the highway and was hit by a car.

Our property is fully fenced, but we live in a high snow area. We need to open our farm gate when it snows. or risk being snowed in until we can dig out the gate. That is how our dog got out.

My husband solved the problem by putting invisible fencing just across the gate opening. You have to have an entire circuit, but he was able to dig a shallow trench and our short rectangular circuit is only 6 inches wide. But it works to keep our new dog in. The collar gives a warning beep before the shock. It literally only took 1-2 shocks before she avoids getting near the gate. My husband ran a heavy duty exterior extension cord through the bushes near our fence to power the electric fence. The fence power unit is protected by an inverted plastic bucket hidden near the fence line. This has worked well for the past two years. We have had no problem with the buried wires resulting from driving over the gate opening. The whole system cost about $150.

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Jan 13, 2015
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Obedience training is your best option. Extreme high drive dogs can and do learn self control through obedience.
When you look at any Schutzhund dog these are all high drive dogs yet learn extreme control... all starts with obedience. The commitment you make in training them for obedience is the key.
It is beyond sit, stay, come.

Our lgd's are also trained to bikes etc so they do not chase tires.
German Shepherd Dogs are one of the most trainable breeds in the world.
However many fail them simply from the lack of time needed to train them properly.
15-30 minutes a day will do wonders.

100% the correct answer, I was amazed at the amount of 'shock collar' answers. I still use 'choke chains', when used correctly, they are WAY better than, shock collars, pinch collars, those stupid new things that people put on their dogs muzzle when they walk them.

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