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Aug 16, 2016
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Kudos to you. Yes, I can still do alot more work than some of them today, even with my bad knees. I work slower lately, but still can keep up with all the farms that I am still testing. You are right, it is a work smarter, and experience counts.... the younger ones today do not have the work ethic in so many ways; and the sad thing is there is so little commitment to trying to do the very best that they can for the job. I wasn't raised that way, and I am afraid that so many of the younger generation do not have the same work ethic of doing a days work for a days pay.... so many just jump from job to job because they don't want to try to do it the best they can until they find something better.....I was taught to do a job the best that I could even if I didn't want to do that for the rest of my life. Apply yourself was the way you did things.... today it seems to be do as little as you can to slide by....
I commend you for your commitment to your job. Hope that you can help people that are facing the devastating losses out there.
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