GW & SBC's kidding thread: 2019

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Jun 11, 2012
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North Carolina
Thanks all. GW has her hands full right now. I guess I do to.
I have decided I am only breeding the few 2018 kids this coming fall. I don't care if all my senior does skip a year and no showing etc. If they stay in milk great, if not I don't care.
I think GW is also going to limit too.

The last round of kids from Foxy?Isaac are ... well... gorgeous. I mean gorgeous. (@OneFineAcre ) It will be really difficult to pick who we would like to keep. All 3 are just beautiful.
We aren't keeping many kids this year of any breed, this will be tough.
I will look atthe buckskin and go oooh I like her then the black one will be standing there and I say Oh, I don't know- I like her... then the gold/white stands there and it is like- oh my goodnessssssssss!

Isaac did good giving us 3 does! :)