Help or Advice for Henrietta

Wyorp Rock

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May 6, 2017
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To me, it looks like normal feather wear/loss on her breast/belly where it's most likely been rubbed off or she has plucked them out herself.
As @oldhenlikesdogs states:
Many hens lose feathers on the chest. Do you mean upper chest or lower chest. It's normal for hens to have a bare spot for good egg contact towards their underside. They either get rubbed off or they self pluck them.

Watch to see how much she is eating/drinking. If she is skinny, provide some extra poultry vitamin and protein like egg, tuna, mackerel or meat. She's Barred Rock, but still young imho, she will fill out after she goes through her first molt - at least both mine did- they seemed small and "lightweight", now as they approach 2yr old they are both big, hefty girls like I expect. It would be good idea to weigh her to get a baseline weight then weigh her daily for a couple of weeks, this will help you determine if she is losing, staying the same or gaining. If she is losing, then you need to evaluate your feed, her environment (being kept from food) and have her checked for further signs of illness.