Insane rabbit demand


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Oct 30, 2019
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Once you get your farm page up...look out!! People will bomabarc you! I get texts at 2am! I forget to turn the notifications off. But, once you’ve got it up, anything you want to sell, evven the stuff you DuPont..people will ask! I even had a neighbor ask for our chicken pooh! We kindly obliged! We have wayyy too much of that!


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Apr 21, 2018
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Has anyone else been experiencing way higher demand in your area?
We live in northern alberta canada in what is called the peace region.

There's a good community of meat rabbits around here and there's normally ads for bunnies through the summer on our craigslist equivalent, kijiji. However this summer demand is so high that there's hardly any ads for bunnies up.

I posted all for litters I was expecting since they are all different variations of mixed breeds. I thought I'd sell a handful to cover some expenses. But it just blew up on me, the demand for does is crazy and bucks isn't far behind. I limited my waitlists for the unborn kits to 3 of each gender for each litter thinking that way we should cover all requests and hopefully put some meat in the freezer. But I've already over filled those numbers requesting does and almost full for bucks!

The first litter arrived a couple days ago and luckily there were 9 so that waitlist should be covered but HOLY COW!
I even had my prices up a bit high so this wouldn't happen and I still got told my prices were too low and I should raise them by one of the buyers getting the most does from me! I also had one guy that hasn't been able to find a buck for his adult does so he is driving FOUR HOURS up tomorrow to breed with my bucks!!! that's one way!!!
One hypothesis I heard is that people are panicking about a shortage of meat if the factories shut down for covid? I think maybe just boredom, everyone who ever considered getting into it has lots of time to get started now.

So let me know:
Where are located roughly?
What's you experience this spring compared to previous years?
What do you think is causing this shift?
I'm in Arkansas, USA. I always notice and increase in the spring time. This is when people want to get into rabbits. I raise registered New Zealands for meat and show.
I have stopped posting that I have for sale because I can not keep up. I do not take wait list. Just first come when I'm ready to sale. I will start taking deposits at 8 weeks once I have tattooed and did my first evaluations. I don't sale till 12 weeks. I like to see how they grow before sell. I'm working to better the bred and redNew Zealand is very rare in my area.
I have worked hard on my YouTube channel and Facebook, Instagram, Websites to get my name out. And it has paid off.