Mini-Donkey VS Standard Donkey


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Dec 25, 2012
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Hey all! I have just adopted a 6 month old standard donkey Jennett. She is sweet as pie and I am very excited.

Because I am a first time equine owner I want to make sure my donkeys have the BEST little lives and have enough food and plenty of space. The Jenny is a standard size and I can either adopt another full-size Jenny OR I have an option to purchase a Mini-donkey Jack as her companion. I am so torn!!

Does anyone have any preference as to Standard size donkeys vs Minis?? Is there a significant difference other than size? For instance, because I have a small area for them to graze on, I wondered if getting the mini would help the grass recover--I would like it not to turn into a dirt pit if you know what I mean. :)
Or maybe minis eat just as much as the standards do?? Also, I know the males can be more agressive and bray more--does anyone have a preference to male/female?? Sorry for all the questions, but this is a life event for me! I want to make sure I am making informed decisions!!

By the way, here is the setup I have for them:
I have a wonderful area for the donkeys--about 2,000 square footage of grass and shade that I am currently having fenced. It has a little stable and a lot of grass on one side and a beautiful shady stand of bamboo on the other end.

Hope this helps. I am super excited, but want to make sure I give these donkeys a wonderful life. Thanks in advance for any help, advice and tips!