Raising wethers for processing


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Jul 27, 2016
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Hubby has been wanting to raise our wethers for some time to process. This year I agreed. Our does had 2 bucks. One Mini Lamancha and one boer/lamancha. DH also went and purchased 2 nubian wether bottle babies that we will be fattening up as well. With our processor he gives a discount if you have multiple goats butchered at once. That is the plan.

A couple questions, we raise our dairy animals currently with the thought of them living a long healthy life. With the weathers we would like to put weight on them. What is the best feeding practices for goats that you're going to process? Currently they're bottle babies, the nubians are a month old. The other two are between 1 week and 2 weeks old.

How does everyone here raise their wethers for processing? I mean feeding practices and muscle gain, also what age do you typically process them? Do you think they would be big enough to be processed by November?