Sugar syrup question


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Aug 26, 2020
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Hah, you probably think this is going to be just like all those other sugar syrup questions but its not.

I was watching a Bob Binnie video on Youtube and he was talking about being told by some guy in Florida's Dadant center there that sucrose syrup works better on hives than the corn syrup stuff.

This seemed interesting to me.

But while listening to that, I wondered if that's still the case at really high and really low temperatures? What do you think about this?

Part of why this may be a real thing to ask is that already people say at really low temperatures the sugar syrup feeders in the hives suddenly the physics change and can leak out and kill the bees.

So that's why I thought maybe asking if the sucrose edge over normal sugar syrup will still work out at other ends of the temperature spectrum.

Thank you for listening.