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Loving the herd life
Sep 17, 2021
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Watertown, NY
I hope everyone is surviving this blizzard well! It is just hitting us. It was kind enough to start before I emptied the manure and disconnected the fence (I'm hoping if it isn't tensioned, it doesn't snap all the connectors). But everyone is cozy inside now.

Luke the crazy qh was very happy to be outside before the storm, unlike normal, rational herd animals, he felt no need to get amped up and find shelter ahead of the storm. Instead he made sure to thoroughly soak himself rolling in wet snow and then refused to come in until the last possible moment. I think he knew it was the last turn out for a while. His posse on the other hand had to forced out of the barn. 🤣

But now everyone is set up and my water tanks are full in the barn. Just had to bring hot water for melting when I go out. And everyone is bedded down nice and deep too.

My youngest bunny recently reached maturity, and the hormones kicked in HARD. She nests all the time, pulls fur, and constantly tries to boss the other girls. It's hilarious. (No chance of breeding, I'd know if someone introduced them bc theyd never catch them again to separate them.)

BYH doesn't like my videos... So not to self plug, but just out of laziness re finding somewhere else to host them... There's a video of the bunny nesting (face full of hay!) going up on FB tomorrow and a bunch of the storm already up. 😅