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Sep 4, 2015
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S coastal VA
mystang89 said:
Wait, that's WITHOUT milk?!:th

Oh she has milk in there, she's just never been bred so not really fresh.

That is the largest unbred udder I have ever seen. :D =D I sometimes get a tiny one on a youngster, more the size of the lamb shown...but, that girl -- wow!

My buck has formed milk in his later years. Never as a young one but, at about 3-4 that were so obvious, at least. One day I noticed extra appendages...looked and wow, both teats had expanded. They stayed. And yes -- he is from a genetically heavy milking line of Nubians! Needless to say, his daughters have been prolific producers. But my Saanen moms are, also. Double fun.

At first, looking from behind, I just thought -- WOW what happened to those testicles to swell like that! :lol: Surprise!

Maybe it is more prevalent in some breeds?? My Saanen buck is also heavy milk lines -- one of reasons he was bought -- but, sire & grsire udders. :D =D

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