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Waste Management Practices


Loving the herd life
Jan 10, 2022
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On a different note, I went to Williamsburg Va to the living museum there that they have encompassing the "Olde town Williamsburg"... Naturally I was as or more interested in the farming/livestock. They had Lincoln Longwools or a breed similar.... I was quite taken with them and thought about raising some when we had sheep. It never came to fruition, but I admire you wanting to raise and preserve a heritage breed and do it in a way to utilize the breed.....
I'm looking at a few different breeds of cattle and chickens to maybe add some "odd balls" to my operation.... my DS is not into it but will not say too much to me anymore about my wanting to have a few "pasture ornaments".... it is no money out of his pocket...Luckily I can breed AI for the cattle so do not have to deal with live bulls that he would not want to breed any of the commercial cattle we raise. And I get that. Margins are small as it is, the odd colored or marked calves take a hit at the sales and it will kill the ability of the cattle to fund the payments....
The chickens will not be a big deal because I can just a few more coops or pens....
I get the dilemma. We have been focusing on top notch stock and breeders and our farm truck is at the dealership being rebuilt…it just adds up. Today we found and funded a complete dry lot handling system for our sheep herd and I was so stunned by the cost I just handed the phone to my wife to handle the financial transfer. I can handle only so much before I just shut down on that part of it. I just go to work on the other end to make it all pay. We all have our best roles. Animals I understand, hay, feed, having to reach in and pull out a lamb…I get this perfectly but why a vet costs $450 to grunt and hand me medicine or why a welded equipment company needs me to fund the national debt…this part shuts me down. I can take a load of sheep to auction and sell them and let her do what she does so much better than I…. Now this Summer we are finishing the new barn and I just have to press on and do what I do best…work.