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Sep 26, 2016
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I have Katahdins, too. My hands hurt too much to shear, so I got Hairies.

Hi my name is daisy. Together myself and my sister run a black and coloured sheep stud called Olady coloured corriedales (o-lad-y).
We breed coloured corridales to a show standard and attend many australia shows through out the year including redhill and The Australian Sheep and Wool Show (ASWS).

You can find us on youtube

We also have a website

We are due with our first lambs in a couple weeks so be ready for lamb spam both on here and youtube.

Here are photos of our current sheep. There is 1702 'Caddy' (first photo) and 0020 'Olive' (second photo)

Caddy is a 5 year old pure coloured corridale and Olive is a 3/4 coloured corriedale 1/4 merino cross. She is 4 years old.

We hope you follow our journey either on here or over on youtube.

Remember coloured sheep rule 🐑

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