Where do you milk your goats?


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Oct 3, 2011
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My milking set up is in the goat shed. When I milk I take a second container filled with ice water. I pre chill the jar I milk into in the ice water. I milk through a filter so nothing can even get into the milk jar, then when I'm done I remove the filter and close the lid on the jar and it goes right into the ice water before even leaving the shed. Hardly any delay in getting the milk chilled and I've not had any issue with bad tastes. I re-filter when I put it in my fridge.


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Jul 16, 2012
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Florida- land of the endless parasites
We milk on our back porch now. I'm milking four in the morning, my daughter milks one. She milks two at night. As babies wean we will have more at night too.

I'd like to milk back by the goat barn to keep the mess (somewhat goats, but mostly the chickens who clean up spilled goat feed then poop everywhere) away from the house- but with little kids I don't like to be away from the house for 45 min every morning. So, my husband is going to build us a covered moveable (with his tractor) milk porch that I can put by our side door for now- but can move to the barn in the future. It will have a sink, small frig, and room for two milk stands. We will probably get a milk machine before next years kidding season. 4 is about my happy limit at once- and I'll have five or six for a few weeks this April since my ff Lamancha who kidded last April doesn't want to dry up! Not that I'm complaining...

I milk into stainless steel buckets, then strain through a reuseable coffee filter with stainless strainer into glass jars or reused gallon water jugs if I'm freezing for baby goats for later. Then I bleach all the stainless containers and filters. Glass jars go in the dishwasher.

It's worked great so far.