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Stages Of Kits (Baby Rabbits)

Stages Of Kits (Baby Rabbits) Life from Day 1- 8 Weeks.
Author: MapleValleyAcresPoultry Date: 10/19/2021

DAY 1:

Domestic Female Rabbits kindle in a nest/brood box normally on day 31 of their pregnancy (though they occasionally will kindle earlier or later) and when she does, day 1 of the new kits' life begins. They are born blind, deaf, totally helpless, and not too active and fur-less. They will look practically the same until they're about 5-7 days old. The mom will nurse and take care of her young in their nest box until they are several weeks old.

DAY 5:

By day 5 they are wiggly little things. You'll know this by the bedding and fur in the nest box that are on them will be wiggling. They are starting to get some fur and depending on the season, they may be getting a little restless.

DAY 7:

They may not look a whole lot different, but by day 7, they are not only really squirmy, they are getting adventurous. The kits will be exploring the next box now. They can hear by now, and they're eyes will open in just a few days!

DAY 10:

Wow! They will be cute by now. Eyes are opening (they won't be fully open until day 11), they're fuzzy. Just wonderful!

DAY 12:

They're eyes open on day 12. Cute and fluffy. Quite playful.

DAY 15:

They're really fluffy, and they're hopping around mom's cage. They only go in the nest box for naps.


I now I skipped two week of life, but they don't change much, they only grow, and grow, and grow some more.
By 4 weeks of age, they're newly weaned, eating solid food & hay and drinking water. It's now time to separate them from mom, into their own cages, by gender, as you cannot determine gender before 4 weeks of age. After you separate them from the mom, go ahead and deworm her.


If you are selling them, then they'll be old enough to sell in only 2-4 more weeks!! You must prepare for that. Start by deworming every kit, then trim their nails, and ending by a good brushing, as they are very fluffy by now.
If you felt that the kits were not ready to be separated from mom 2 weeks ago, that's fine, but it must be done by 6 weeks. Make sure you put males in one area and females in another.

8-10 WEEKS:

They will be old enough to sell now. Make sure they're ready and make the transition easy.

Thank you for reading! Please understand most of the pictures were of different breeds of rabbits.
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