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    Twins vs triplets?

    Might be something to this. Having similar experience between myself and neighbor. Interested to see other responses.
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    Help with planning their future?

    I've got a doe with triplets, born 6 days ago. The plan is to sell the doe and her 2 bucklings together (as wethers). There is an interested buyer for the trio, hoping it doesn't fall through. Her doeling is a bottle baby in my house. Doeling was not as thrifty at birth. Several things happened...
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    Ewww, what is it?!

    Interesting! Seems a bit out of control though. My other suggestions all included washing her to see what happens so she's getting a nice undercarriage treatment today. There's no odor to it, but a few spots of cracked skin. I don't see signs of infection at least. The internets tell me a...
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    Ewww, what is it?!

    Undersides of Exhibit Annie. New to homestead. Looks scabby, some ooze. Surface skin mostly, flaky. I didn't do a 360* exam, just pics of udder region and underbelly while lifting a leg. NONE on her face or ears, unlike the scary stuff Google suggested immediately. Mites? Mange? Something else...
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    DEF fluid barrel safe for a water trough?

    Following. Have a 300gal DEF tank we want to use for rain collection system. From what I've read, it's considered fairly non toxic. Probably safer than all the bleach some are using to "clean" it. I cannot offer proof of that however.
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    How to practice goat biosecurity?

    I have the chance to buy 2 lovely doeling, well under a year old each. I mention age because I've read twice now Johnes is not testable at their age, but need confirmation on that. I'm not 1000% satisfied with information given regarding the disease testing at their breeder farm. The goats all...
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    Buying Goats...Bowlegs?

    I didn't want to take pics in front of the seller. Have some Craigslist pics that you can kinda pick up on it, now that I saw her in person.
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    Buying Goats...Bowlegs?

    Went to look at a goat, registered Nigerian. I've got a variety of red flags, instincts are tickling. What I really need to know is, as the deal breaker... Bowlegs? Can goats at a glance appear bowlegged but actually be built in such a manner that the legs turn outward to carry the body...
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    Assess This Craigslist Post?

    Thanks all. Seller also giving very limited and infrequent answers, so I'd say pass on by. Doesn't seem much in the way for rabbitries near me.
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    Assess This Craigslist Post?

    I emailed, saying I had a few concerns. Mostly, where did the buns come from? Said: Theyre pets. They come from all over. That did not help! Daughter birthday coming up. Buy lot, sell some buns off? Sell all buns, keep cages? Goal: get a breeding trio on farm.
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    Assess This Craigslist Post?

    So...think the rabbits themselves are of any use?
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    Assess This Craigslist Post?

    Tell me the hundreds of ways this is a dumb thing to jump on: It used to say 10 rabbits. I'm thinking 3 Lions were sold. Personal goals here would not include fancy buns, just good dual purpose buns. Yes, I...
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    CDT Confusion

    Ugghhhh so in prep for Mama to kid next month, picked up a vial of CDT. This is her 2nd freshening. Talking with previous owner, she said Mama had spring vaccinations with CDT (end of April this year.) So...what does one do? Looks like I must also be prepared to give kids CDT a few weeks after...
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    Walkie Talkies/Radios

    I need some suggestions! I think this is the right place to put it. We want some radios, I'm thinking 4 total, to fit these requirements: Budget friendly Charges by dock or plug in cable Child friendly Reliable up to 2 miles is probably our max, but more is better We are in an area with lots...
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    Reed Canary Grass Hay - any experience?

    I wonder how easily it might do so. I'm under impression that it likes really wet and damp, such as wetlands. You got me all worried now lol.