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    Goat mineral issue

    Why not combine the Ragland with the one containing copper? Best of both. Adding on top of feed can get tricky when considering age, stage of gestation, lactation, etc. Free choice is so much easier! If you only have a few goats a gallon plastic jug can be made into a mineral feeder.
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    Too many vaccines?

    Hey, I hated needles! Scared to death to give shots! Vet tech friend helped me learn how and to practise. Ok on sub Q and IM , but iffy on venous draw on goats. Used to be pretty good on horses, though. Helps to have correct sized needles, both gauge and length. I like the screw on 'lock'...
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    Goat neck injury emergency! Help

    B vitamins!!!! B complex if you cannot get any B12. Injectable. I would call vet!
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    Heads on a swivel you folks on Eastern Seaboard. Flo's coming.

    One of the NOAA forecaster said this storm had followed a path unlike any other storm that later came ashore. She said it was thought due to the changed warmer ocean currents making old data unreliable. Dh found a live feed camera on Skillet Point that was horribly loud from wind and could not...
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    Heads on a swivel you folks on Eastern Seaboard. Flo's coming.

    Cherokee Dam had all spillage open first time since 1990. News said TVA generating as hard as they can and spilling!
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    Too many vaccines?

    Confusion!!! CATTLE 8 way does not have tetanus because cattle not at risk. Covexin 8 does have tetanus and is labeled sheep and goats.
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    Goat Breeds Quite to Noisy

    Buckshot Hill:-):-) Is that near Toad Suck Ferry Road? Traveling through Arkansas on way to Colorado in late 1970s came across this road!
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    Sick Goats left and right - help! (UPDATE!)

    It happens to the best of us! Goats are so good at keeping up appearances that they can be dead on their feet before they fall down. Do the best you can and hope all recover. Get into habit of checking eyelids about once a week. So much depends upon if they are on pasture grazing or on...
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    Too many vaccines?

    Yes, same thing happened to me with abscess and even had does abort! Some of my goats spiked a fever of 106°F and had to have vet give banamine! It was mycotoxin contaminated vaccine. That was in early 1990s. High dollar dairy cows and Boer goats ending up ill got changes made. Horse...
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    Minimum Cattle Worming Frequency

    And, forgot to say all calves got wormed as we worked momma and again at 7 months when we weaned IF we kept calf. Our calves were sent to market straight from cow side, so only replacements we kept got rewormed at weaning.
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    Minimum Cattle Worming Frequency

    It really matters where you are located. What works here in eastern Tennessee might not work at all in south Texas or North Dakota!
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    Minimum Cattle Worming Frequency

    Harm to your pocketbook is all:-):-) ivomec has a huge margin of safety for overdose. Here in east Tennessee we worked cattle twice a year. Used Cydectin pour on for fall as rain less likely, and Valbazen in spring. Always dosed both about 20% heavier as resistance is created faster by...
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    Baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar don't get along??

    Drive to consume sodium ( in salt) is what makes animal consume adequate loose mineral mix. This mix is formulated with that in mind. Baking soda can short circuit that drive. The fad to feed baking soda comes from dairy cow industry feeding high grain diet to push milk production. Cows...
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    Heads on a swivel you folks on Eastern Seaboard. Flo's coming.

    North Georgia folks look out! Flood is on its way! Here in eastern Tennessee valley we are predicted up to 3 inches of rain with 6 inches in mountains! TVA has been dropping lake levels in a hurry here to mitigate flooding.
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    Well Hello There

    Welcome! Retired cattle farmer of +30 years. Angus, Polled Hereford, Baldy crosses, Jersey, and Jersey crosses. Ran about 30 head. Sold out a couple years ago due to my dad and my Dh health. We were in it together, but I did day to day care and vet work. Now I milk at commercial Jersey...