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    When can I turn a bottle calf out to pasture

    This is so true! I had a bottle baby bull that I had to sell for those very reasons. He was 5 and I could not keep him in my pastures. There were times when he got real close to me with some good nudging in the belly, and times when it scared me too. He was smart and started keeping a few feet...
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    Goat fencing?

    I gave up on goats and switched to sheep. The same fences that the goats ignored keep the sheep in very well.
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    Predator Proof Fence

    I'm sorry if this is not helpful, but I'm on board with Baymule. The short version is that fencing keeps livestock in and Livestock Guardians keep predators out. The $.02 I've got to add is that if you're lucky, fencing will also keep your LG's in too. Please keep us posted on what you've...
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    Mountain lion in the area

    Thank you Baymule. I will look into them.
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    Mountain lion in the area

    Thank you Baymule. I tried it on a smaller scale than all 15 acres, in an attempt to keep my bull from visiting the neighbor's girls. The bull seemed to think the standoffs were things to use to scratch his forehead and broke every single one of them off the t-posts! But that's a problem for...
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    Mountain lion in the area

    My apologies for any misunderstanding caused my post. I am guessing that you are unaware that, "FWIW" means, "For what it's worth". With that in mind, you can plainly see that I was not telling you what to do. Yes, I know you were not telling me what to do either. I was simply relating my...
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    Mountain lion in the area

    FWIW, the vet told me that if Harry had not had his long thick winter coat, he would've been dead. That fur mostly stopped the claws, only 1 of the 3 actually cut into him, the other 2 just left scratches. The one that did cut nicked a capillary and caused a slow bleed that abscessed. Short fur...
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    Mountain lion in the area

    We had some sort of bobcat or cougar around here last winter. I know it tried to take some sheep because of the gashes that formed an abscess on Harry's neck. Harry is a young Pyrenees, barely a year old then, when he fought & ran it off. It didn't get a meal so I don't think it has returned...
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    Pooch test...does it work?

    Ditto. What pooch test? Got a link?
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    Magnum- the unfolding/unravelling story of our LGD

    Please don't! Your questions and all the great answers are teaching me my own mistakes and, hopefully, how to correct them. Thanks!
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    I found a new sheep podcast!

    Thank you
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    Meat Lambs

    I'm sure breed has a lot to do with it, but how big are they at that age? My sheep are Dorper, Blackbelly, and Katahdin mix. They are mostly pasture raised, but get some feed each evening when I bring them in for the night. I'd have nothing but hair & hooves if I slaughtered them at that age...
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    The flies are horrendous!!!

    Here too, outside of Tulsa, the flies are a nightmare! I use a pyrethin based pour-on for my cattle. It's 1% pyrethin and I got it at the local feed mill. There are several brands and it's also carried in Tractor Supply and Atwoods. It works great for the bulk of the smaller size flies...