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    My weekend project

    Coats?! Will Issachar need a coat?!
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    A little worried.. past due?

    Congratulations!!! :D I want baby bunnies...... :lol:
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    Camel for sale in northern NY (new pics)

    SNOT! :gig He's adorable, but I'm not really in the market for a camel right now. :) I hope the perfect home comes a long for him. :thumbsup ps. I did run this by my DH just this second, just on the offchance that he might consent, he said nope! :lol:
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    I Have My First Alpaca

    :frow :gig I have no desire, or need, for a camel. Hmm...but I might want to look at that sale ad........... :lau Actually, I think Job will be having a buddy come December. :D
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    My weekend project

    Oh poor Mama! and poor baby to be left without a Mama! :(
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    My weekend project

    Oh oh oh they are soo cute and adorable!!! The one on the far right is just beautiful!!! So, why are they being bottle fed?
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    I Have My First Alpaca

    Job doesn't mind if I put a lead on his halter, but he doesn't like his face or ears touched. I can pat his neck while he's eating his food, but that's about it. I might be able to get a back scratch in, but that's only if he's feeling generous. :lol: I'm happy to just stand close and talk to...
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    I Have My First Alpaca

    :ep PEOPLE EAT ALPACAS!!!!!! :hit Oh mi gosh, I can't imagine anyone eating my sweet Job! Not at all!! This just makes me tear up thinking someone could eat him!! He's doing so well, too. He's got his own special feed, and he now comes to me when he sees me bringing his feed he runs to me. :D...
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    Hello from NE Indiana

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    I Have My First Alpaca

    I hope you don't mind, but I pm'ed you. I knew Alpacas used a communal pile, but didn't think to tell my friend that. I called and left her a message to call me as soon as she can. I think she thought the goats would help keep her Alpaca from being lonely. What does Alpaca poop look like? I...
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    I Have My First Alpaca

    Yes, I am in Ohio. :) I'm happy to learn anything I possibly can about Alpacas! I did tell my friend that hers (she named him Simon) will need a companion, too. She put hers in with her goats, is that Ok? I'm in Jewett, Ohio. Not sure how far that is from you.
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    I Have My First Alpaca

    I've named him Job. He and one other Alpaca came through our local Auction barn... and I bought him for almost nothing. I couldn't believe no one was bidding on them. I would have taken both Alpacas, as I wanted a companion for Job, but my friend was with me and she wanted the second Alpaca...
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    Can we talk chickens?

    I have two late in the year broodies! One broody is on 13 eggs....7 Welsummer and 6 Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. The other broody is on 11 eggs...5 Blue Laced Red Wyandottes and 6 mixed bred eggs from my bantams.
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    The non-USDA approved thread of animal husbandry...tell us your ideas!

    Well, I guess I don't make it over here much anymore, but I'm thrilled to see this thread! We took in a pony, named Emmy, a couple months back. Her coat was dull and she wasn't friendly at all. She's on 100% pasture. That's it. We don't supplement her feed, and we've not medicated her at all...
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    I chose the royal palm turkeys because they aren't large and they reproduce naturally and they are very friendly!