1. JirehFarmsTN

    Salty Jersey Milk...What’s Causing it?

    Hi all! We recently added a 5 year old Jersey cow to our herd. She was being used as a nurse cow so she was still in milk, and we have been hand milking her. The only problem is when her milk gets cold, it’s salty! Research online has told me that it can be 3 things: Mastitis Been in...
  2. Beekissed

    Culling to make the herd suit your management and pasture.

    Wonderful view on husbandry and one that I share: Greg Judy on parasite resistant sheep, not deworming livestock, graining sheep vs. grass fed sheep, etc. His portion of the vid is a little ways into it. What kinds...
  3. Beekissed

    Holistic pasture management/farming.....

    ....anyone doing it? Through the Lord's leading, I had started some of these methods over the years and even here recently (found, by God's design, how much seed and fertilizer there is in mulch hay and started scavenging for it to spread on this nutrient poor soil)without having knowledge...
  4. emma.joelle.

    Can cattle have horse treats?

    Recipes for cattle treats are so difficult to find, but can they just have horse treats? It's super hard to search the internet because it's so out of the loop on farm information. I'd love any ideas!
  5. Wehner Homestead

    Wehner Homestead 2019 Calving

    Calving on the Homestead starts soon. The first two are due Feb 11. Our Calving schedule for this year: 2/11Georgia (Grand Fortune) Gatlin (Destiny) 2/19Maxine (MWJ) 2/23Scarlett (Grand Fortune) 2/25 Maddie (Loaded for Bear) 2/28Ember (Destiny) 3/1 Bailey (Dakota Gold) 3/5...
  6. skeleroo

    New To Cows - QUESTIONS!!

    This past year my husband and I bought ten-ish acres and a really old farmhouse and we have slowly been settling in. Now that the land is fenced in properly and we've got working gates (!!!!) I'm ready to take the dive into the wonderful world of cattle. We want cows for meat. I'd like to breed...
  7. Wehner Homestead

    Cattle Breeding 2018

    It’s about time for breeding season! Cattle have a 9 month gestation and our first cow to calve cycled today. We don’t breed on the first heat following Calving but that means we need to get our breeding decisions lined out. Otis is our PB Simmental herd bull. He only has one calf on the...
  8. Wehner Homestead

    Wehner Homestead 2018 Calving: Done

    We have 11 cows due this spring so I thought I’d go ahead and put their pics and info here instead of in our journal. Our cows are all named, most know their names and come when called, and several have been shown. In a way, they are big pets! 2/9 Maizy* (Jesse James) 2/10 Maddie (Dakota...
  9. BunnyBoxHop

    The Best Cattle Contest~ Ends August 25th 2017

    Howdy and welcome to my contest! :woot Rules 1. Follow all BYH rules! 2. Be nice 3. NO cussing or censoring letters 4. Tell a friend! (You don't have to, but I would love if you did! :p) 5. HAVE FUN!!! Fill out this form Category (Cow/calf/bull): Use (dairy, meat, pet, ect...): Breed: Age...
  10. mysunwolf

    7 Week Old Bottle Calf Not Eating

    I guess it's my turn to post about bottle calf issues. We have a 7 week old Angus X bottle calf, being raised on good quality replacer. This morning she would not drink her bottle at all, and this evening she was not very hungry, though I did get some electrolytes into her. I took away her...
  11. DaisythePig

    My centipede grass is taking over my pasture grass!

    Anyone know how to get rid of centipede grass or good? It's taking over all my pasture grass! Any advice? Thank you
  12. Goat Whisperer

    Keep that baling twine away from your critters!!

    ****Graphic pic/video below***** I put this in the goat section because it get the most traffic. This goes for ALL animals, not just goats. This twine, although useful, is very dangerous and can KILL your animals. Please do not leave twine on the hay you feed and make sure to pick up any loose...
  13. mysunwolf

    mysunwolf - four acres and some sheep

    I figured I should break down and start a journal, since I keep having the urge to post TMI in my lambing and other threads :p My spouse and I have four acres, a home on it, and plenty of critters. We have dabbled and experimented with quite a few livestock breeds and are currently very pleased...