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    Copasure Goat Kid Bolus Help

  2. A

    Baby goat with caved in or crooked leg?

    I have a baby goat that was born today. She is a nubian and was born with 2 other bucklings. I noticed that her leg seems to bow inward. I suspect it might be selenium deficiency. The other two kids look normal and healthy. She is also the smallest of the trio. Is this something that will...
  3. Gabby

    [NC] Sweet little doeling needs a heated home, fast!

    Hello members of BYH! I have a sweet little doeling that's struggling in this cold weather. She is some sort of a nubian cross that was given to me by my grandfather, along with several other goats, shortly before he passed away. Bitsy is the sweetest little girl ever, who loves cuddles...
  4. Prairie Fleur

    KS - Nigerian Dwarf kids

    3 wethers or unregistered buck kids available. $50 each as wethers, $100 for intact herdsire prospects. Out of registered stock, excellent milking bloodlines. 1 mini Nubian doeling. Dam is producing approximately 3/4 gal/day. Sire is Dills Mister Missunderstood *B. Not registrable. $300 1...
  5. MrsWildside

    The Interesting Behavior of a Goat

    The Ohia tree; wonderful for snacking and for scratching! Or posing! It's been raining for a couple of days now, so my girls really appreciate the warm break! Probably should've posted this in a journal forum, oh well... Can do that later! Just thought I'd share this silly moment!
  6. MrsWildside

    Need Advice on 8month Doe

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this website and a little new at owning goats; I've never owned young goats before, so the question might seem a little "scatter-brained".. So I'm just going to basically describe what is going on... I have a beautiful Doeling, Gompers, she just turned 9 months (made a...