1. Rustic Green Acres

    Ewe with only one teat

    I have a first time Ewe, and she has only one teat working. The teat looks normal, it just doesn't produce milk. Is there any chance it will work next lambing?
  2. C

    Ewe lamb with runny eyes and loud breathing

    Hey guys, we have a ewe lamb that's about 7 months old who has suddenly developed runny eyes and loud breathing. She has actually been in a dry lot for a few weeks with a couple other ewes while we treated them for worms and anemia. They are being weaned back onto grass now. Her eyes are not...
  3. C

    Signs of a Twin Lamb to Come?

    What signs will we see if there is a second lamb to be born? And how soon can we expect a twin to be born after the first lamb has been delivered? This is our first lambing season so we're not sure what to expect or to look for. Thanks in advance!
  4. Legamin

    Feeding for Pregnancy Success!

    This is an issue that came from researching hay feeders. I have built wooden feeders, huge plastic ”apartment feeders”, a myriad of welded mobile bale feeders and structured trough feeders….the end results have been up to 50% hay waste (recent prices reaching $450-$900 per ton grass hay) and...
  5. T

    Lambs ANY day!! How close is she?

    We are new to lambing, though our two ewes are not. Rue, this brown ewe, I suspect will go first. I’ve had an eye on her for a while. How close do you think she is? Days? Weeks? Christmas lambs?!!
  6. F

    HELP! Sheep very sick

    Hi I have a sheep who last night I found her “stuck” in a corner with her head between a post and a wallaby her butt against a flexible fence, so she could’ve gotten out if she tried but I just got her out myself. When I got her out she staggered around and was tripping on things, I thought she...
  7. Childwanderer

    SOLD - Gulf Coast Native Ewe and Lamb for Sale (Splendora, TX)

    The unregistered, Gulf Coast Native ewe ("Dido" DOB 2/10/2019) and her band-castrated lamb (DOB 12/28/2020) were both sired by LFF Ariestotle GCA 3066. Dido's dam was bred on Laughing Frog Farm in Hempstead, TX, but unregistered due to missing records. The ewe has been exposed to the same ram...
  8. Beekissed

    Katahdin body styles...

    I was reading an interesting article awhile back about two types of body styles noticed in the Katahdin breed: https://ewewin.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/two-distinct-body-styles-in-katahdin-sheep/ My last Katahdin had the type A body and hair, but this pair I have now are a little mixed up and...
  9. shepherdO

    Fattening up Mutton

    Okay, so I'm going to be sending my two old rambouillet-suffolk gals of to butcher at the end of October, as they're getting on in years. Both needed intervention (only 1 of their 4 lambs survived), although both fostered a couple lambs. I'm wondering how to beef them up a bit between now and...
  10. A

    Pregnant ewe with scouts help!

    Good morning The evening before yesterday my ram rammed through our gate into our chicken area and our 3 ewes and him got out. They went straight for the chicken coop and gorged them selves on chicken feed. 2 ewes had diarrhea the ewe who is further along probably about 4 months pregnant is...
  11. shepherdO

    URGENT info needed re: how to encourage MILK production!

    Hi all, As I just posted in my post re: Nibbles and her quads, she 'miraculously' came back to life after essentially being a goner. She now won't let me take the lambs away from her - if I do she races around, and ignores her feed completely. At least with her lambs there she'll eat a bit...
  12. shepherdO

    Nibbles had Quads again! Help needed re: LETHARGY...

    After almost a week of intermittent labour, Nibbles the Katahdin had quads unassisted. I walked into the shed this morning to the sight of 2 ram lambs (4.5 and 5 lbs) and 2 ewe lambs (2 and 3.75 lbs). Super cute and lively as heck. Gotta love katahdins... Anyhoo, ewe has a huge udder, but is...
  13. shepherdO

    Ewe straining but no plug, no discharge, no sac... Just wait?

    Hey all, We came home from church at 1:30 this afternoon to find my rambouillet ewe Bonnie with sunken in sides, an udder the size of a basketball, and breathing pretty hard. As of now (2.5 hours later) she's in the jug doing all the pawing, breathing hard with head hanging down, lying down...
  14. shepherdO

    Lambing Countdown - a Few Questions

    Well, I'm down to the last few weeks before lambs are due, and I'm trying to make sure everything is in order. I have 8 ewes, including 3 experienced mums (a little Katahdin who had quads last year, and other multiples before that, 2 big hair/wool crosses, both having had twins and triplets in...
  15. shepherdO

    Maiden Ewe with uneven/drooping udder...?

    I have a ~5 year old rambouillet-suffolk ewe who has a strange udder condition - the left side droops down, and doesn't look at all like an unbred ewe's udder. She is not, and has not ever been bred according to her previous owner. She resembles a hippopotamus, and from what I've read online...
  16. shepherdO

    Is 5 years old too old to breed a Maiden ewe?

    Hello all - I'm new here, and looking forward to the collective wisdom, experience and advice of this forum. So I've inherited two rambouillet-suffolk ewes, aged about 5 years old each. They've never been bred, but I've been toying with breeding them with my smaller-ish Shropshire ram as...
  17. Tamara

    What to do about muddy areas!

    I’ve been battling the excess mud for years. I finally found a solution using mudstopper but they are discontinuing it! Looking for cheap, quick solutions. Single mom sheep herder.
  18. Matt n Lee

    Sheep Shenanigans

    Just a little fun in the morning with the sheep. They are such great homestead animals. We love them! Also if any of this stuff on our channel interests you please like/subscribe/share it really means the world to us and the channel. :)
  19. newton the goat

    any bets for when she is due?

    So my ewe is seriously pregnant though she doesnt have an udder yet i know that she is over two months (been keeping a very close eye on them daily watching how the have changed etc) Her vulva looks normal but recently her personality has turned to the exact opposite it was previously. Instead...
  20. MiniBarnFarm


    I already have 1 wether, he's my not so little baby boy, and also have 3 ewe's - in a couple of days I have the chance to look through a friends herd of newly weaned lambs I really want another boy, I find them more friendly I just can't help but worry about the first wether's thoughts on having...