1. L


    I have two 1 year old Nigerian dwarf goats and both of them have shedded their front two teeth. They love scratching their head against their brushes placed around the cage and jumping on their little platform. One problem I have is they love to lick and bite for some reason. I plan on buying...
  2. K

    Chunks in pig urine

    I have a six week old Duroc runt. His urine has been clear and then he peed and it had chunks in it. There is no foul odor. Help
  3. C

    Asking some questions...

    Hi! I am hoping to start a small herd of dairy goats, and i have a few questions. 1. From everything that i have read, i have decided that Nigerian Dwarf goats would best fit my situation. Does anyone have any experience with these? does their milk taste good? How much milk will they give? 2...
  4. CaliFarmsAR

    Help please!!! Can club foot and a joint infection be treated??

    Hey y’all! I need some help/advance here. I just started working at an equestrian barn and they have a 5 year old horses and he has Club foot and got a joint infection from the vet (they didn’t do the injection right). Can this be treated? If so what is the best way to? And after he recovers...
  5. CaliFarmsAR

    Stiffness in buckling!!! Need help ASAP!!!!

    Hello, I really need help. My sister has a 6 month old buckling and I’ve noticed he looks a little stiff and his gate is off. He hasn’t got his C.D.T shot yet, so we will be giving that to him and his sister soon. Anyone have any suggestions? We are trying to sell this beautiful boy, but need...
  6. MapleValleyAcresPoultry

    How do you post an article?🤷‍♀️

    Hi all, I'm still new to BYH, i only joined for one reason, so i could write articles on rabbits. But how do you post an article on here? It's not the same as BYC...which i'm familiar with. Do i just "post a resource'?? Thanks in advance
  7. N

    New to the Goat community!! I have some questions!

    I just got my three nannies from an auction and wasn’t told anything except that they were females. I’m trying to find out breed, age, and if the white one is expecting? I am a new goat owner so this is all a first for me and my husband.

    Me,my herd, and my family NEWCOMER

    Alright, so I am starting a new herd of chickens. Silkies if you must know. And we have chickens, but only one brooding hen. That's why I bought silkies! Well, my family said "To-hell-with-it" and will not tell me the secret ingredients for chick feed! ... We normally make our...
  9. A

    Any tips for a first time goat buyer?

    Hi all, I'm adding goats to the farm this year and have it narrowed down to two farms I'm interested in. They are in my state, so no problems there, but I'm getting ready to email them and wanted to know if there's any advice anyone would like to offer. I just want to make sure i sound like an...
  10. theshany

    Chick in trouble!

    I need help. My chicks hatched last night and all are doing well but one has a lump on her belly. Looks like a hernia from the umbilical cord. She hatched in the night and half the egg shell was stuck to her belly and dragging by the cord, so I presume this caused the lump around her navel. I...
  11. R

    How to Raise bottle baby goats???

    Hello so someone gave me a 10 day old baby goat yesterday!! And obviously I never raised a bottle baby before!! I’m looking for help!! Could someone tell me everything I have to do!! Should I use milk replacer from a farms store or someone said cows milk should I use that?? Any info will help!!!
  12. A

    CD-T Injection Site Abscess

    All 5 of my goats got their CD-T vaccines done almost 3 weeks ago. No reactions, everyone has been acting normal. I am still new to goats and this was my first time with injections so I had my friend who is a vet tech do them SQ while I held my goats and watched. She decided to do all right...
  13. A

    Pregnant ewe with scouts help!

    Good morning The evening before yesterday my ram rammed through our gate into our chicken area and our 3 ewes and him got out. They went straight for the chicken coop and gorged them selves on chicken feed. 2 ewes had diarrhea the ewe who is further along probably about 4 months pregnant is...
  14. A

    New twins!

    So this is my first time having goats kidding, It feels so surreal that they have finally arrived! I am disappointed that I was at work and I missed the birth, I came home to two dry sleeping twins. Today, I had to clean orange poop from the buckling's rear end, seems like his poo isn't dry...
  15. D

    My goats stomache is shacking/pulsing

    Ok so we got two 1 moth old boy goats yesterday and have only had them for about a day and we noticed that there stomach is pulsing kinda like heavy breathing but we are not sure why and at points they will start to shake from there stomach and back . We checked there temp and they are normal...
  16. Lydia Schwoerer

    !!Sick Male, Cannot Stand. Legs are Locked. Need Help and Advice!!

    One of my older whethers has become pretty ill. I noticed him acting a little lethargic a few days ago and just dismissed it as part of the cold (we are currently experiencing -20F temperatures right now). The next day I noticed he was not getting up for food so I tried to pick him up and have...
  17. H

    Introducing herd

    Any advice would be so appreciated!!! I have two 8 month goats One doe and one weathered who I have raised since birth and bottle fed. (Spoiled brats and I LOVE them!! ) I have two new 8 day old twins I am bottle feeding inside. I took them out to meet my two goats today. They all but tried...
  18. S

    Help- Swelling after dog attack (goat)

    Hi, We are new to goats (NDGs) and have already had our first tragedy. The neighbors' giant pit jumped out outer 4 ft fence, and the goats' 5 ft fence on Saturday evening. He killed out black and white spotted doeling (Dot) outright and injured her sister (Savy). She has puncture wounds on both...
  19. EmilyClick28

    Is it safe to transport rabbits in car trunk?

    There is a rabbit show coming up this Saturday, and I'm bringing 8 rabbits. The show is only about 45 mins away, so it will be a short drive. Unfortunately I have a fairly small car and won't be able to fit all the travel cages in the back/passenger seats, so I'm going to need to put some of...
  20. MatthewsHomestead

    Any idea?....

    Does anyone have any ideas what this big guy may be mixed with? He supposedly is part Lionhead. I thought maybe some Silver Fox because of the color on his toes and bc he is a good size for a dual purpose bunny. I've only raised Californian and New Zealand so I'm new and clueless to other...