1. savanna

    2-3 week old bottle Pygmy kid isn't playing or jumping around

    yesterday I bought a 2-3week old Pygmy kid. He was taken from his mom a week ago and was started on whole milk bottle feeding. He is so adorable and loves cuddling soooo much. But that seems to be all he's doing. He just sits with me or sleeps on me since I got him. If I get up he'll yell for me...
  2. SchönFarbe

    Taming my new buck. HELP!

    Ok I just resently acquired a year and a half old boar buck who hasn't been around people much and has lived in a 10 x 20 foot pen all of his life. He is huge probably 200 lbs at least. He is pretty wild and I'm nervous to be around him being as I only weigh 110 lbs. So how do I tame and control...
  3. sadieml

    Do these goats look underfed to you?

    I was looking on Craigslist and saw this add. I think these gals (and 1 guy) look seriously bony. Am I wrong? Just wanted some other opinions since I'm really just used to our pygmy boys. Thanks for the feedback. I know a gal at animal control who rescues neglected farm animals all the...