1. D and L Meadows

    Hey everyone! Introduction here from D and L Meadows!

    Hello! We are a Grade A goat dairy in southwestern Ohio. We raise quality Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubian goats. We also have a small flock of registered Finn sheep and hope to start milking them in Spring of 2020. I am glad to be a member of BYH and look forward to being a part of the...
  2. T

    New to BYH

    Hi, I'm Toby I joined because I want to be a better owner to my goats and rabbits. I have 2 rabbits named Flower (female, breed unknown) and Muffin (male, Dutch). I also have two goat wethers named Pancake and Waffle. Both of their breeds are also unknown. Besides rabbits and goats, I have 13...
  3. Patricia Rose

    Hi from Washougal, Washington State

    Hi there. Just introducing myself to the forum. Hope to raise chickens for meat and eggs, pigs, and a dairy cow. Maybe if our neighbor loans us their unused pasture, some beef too. Looking forward to learning from all the experience folks on this forum. Bye!
  4. H

    Introducing herd

    Any advice would be so appreciated!!! I have two 8 month goats One doe and one weathered who I have raised since birth and bottle fed. (Spoiled brats and I LOVE them!! ) I have two new 8 day old twins I am bottle feeding inside. I took them out to meet my two goats today. They all but tried...
  5. Meg Bolton

    Kia Ora from Kiwi-land

    Kia Ora, I'm Meg, I live in New Zealand with my mother and grandmother. We have a small section, 1/2 acre, in a small town, but I'm hopeful that we can finagle having two goats on the property along with our chickens and dogs, and a persnickety cat. I'm hoping to find tips and suggestions for...
  6. Sunset Spring Farm

    Hello, from Norman, Ok!

    Hi! My name is Caity! I raise Poultry to show through 4-H and Market Goats for FFA! I showed Dairy Goats last county fair for my 4-H leader, and loved it! I am getting my own soon (Creeper and Buster) and am extremely excited!
  7. C

    Where's my BYC???

    Hey there! Yes, another chicken person. I'm Rachel in Arizona and I have, among others, a one-legged mutt rooster, two silkies, three Buff Orpingtons, several bantam mutt hens, some RIRs, a few Australorps, and some Barred Rocks. Had a question I wanted to post or I might have just waited...
  8. 1crazybird

    hello kidd-o

    We are proud to announce our new buckling, Chevy is doing great with momma (Cinderella). My DH wanted to see how the day old baby would be with his half brother ford and his momma, clover. I was okay with trying it out but ford has grown alot since he was born and already has his buds showing. I...
  9. V

    Just a kid in the livestock business.

    Greetings from AZ! The name is Quimby and I am currently raising rabbits and chickens. But I plan on raising a lot more! Goats, quail, and maybe a duck or two. I just-so-happen to be thirteen in doing so. I am in a tag team with my dad and we handle chores on our half acre homestead! Forgive me...
  10. MrsWildside

    Aloha From Hawai'i

    Aloha! My name is Reggie, :frow:frow I live on the beautiful island of Hawai'i & I've been on the site for a few weeks now, and just haven't had the chance to sit down and type an introduction! (oops!) Since I'm partially new at this anything I can read is helpful and any advice is especially...
  11. The Curly girl

    Hi EVERYONE I'm new to the site and to the ranch life.

    Hi :) My name is Fernanda. I am 25 yrs old and from Mexico. I was born in Mexico and was raised both in Mexico and L.A California. Despite the fact that I always had a city life, my soul always knew I wanted to be around nature. When I was 20 I moved back to Mexico "for good". Little did I...
  12. A

    Goatherd in Upstate NY Says Hi & Thanks!

    Hi All! I live and work on a goat & sheep dairy - along with milking, I work primarily with kids, lambs, and LGD pups. Our herd is mixed breed - we've got pretty much one of everything as far as goats go - and the small flock of sheep (~70) is East Friesian. We also have a sanctuary for infirm...