1. Mrs.Gray1211

    LGD spay advice

    Good morning y’all! We have taken our female Great Pyrenees LGD, Frostee, to be spayed this morning. I’m hoping y’all can help with some post-surgical advice. She does live outdoors 24/7 in a fenced paddock with our two lambs. We have set up a separate space for her to recover alone but will...
  2. Goatsincoats99

    LGD Questions from a First Timer

    Hi everyone! I have a few questions about raising an LGD. A little backstory: I started homesteading on a handful of acres last October. I knew I wanted goats to help with brush management—and an LGD to protect them. I did a ton of reading on just about every LGD resource I could find. I...
  3. rowegirl

    Raw Food Diet for LGD Puppy

    We are considering getting a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland cross for our mini farm. We have chickens and meat rabbits so I am wanting to switch from a kibble diet to raw food or even cooking the rabbits and chicken for our current adult dog. My question is would a diet like I just described be a...
  4. 9

    LGD Great Pyrenees Puppies $650

    100% Great Pyrenees puppies from working livestock guardian parents. Mom and Dad are both excellent guardian dogs with sweet temperaments. Puppies have been raised in the barn around goats and mini horses and are well socialized with people. We have 4 boys and 4 girls that will be ready to...
  5. B

    No longer avaialble

  6. TheSheeper

    LGD chews on lambs

    My LGD won’t stop trying to chew on my lambs. She’s 6 months old and has been with them since she was an 8-week-old puppy. This morning I’m giving the animals water and I look over and the LGD is standing over a lamb, she grabs the lamb by the extra skin and she’s about to lift him when I yell...
  7. Coolbreeze89

    LGDs in subzero temps?

    Forgive this nervous Texan, but we have sub-zero temps forecast in a few days. I have three pyr/Anatolian crosses. I’ve never worried about them in any weather, but we’ve never been below teens. One has classic pyr fur, the other two have long fur but not quite as thick. All have been fine down...
  8. Coolbreeze89

    Bragging about my LGD! Very good boy!

    I just have to share: my 3yr old GP/AS boy “seemed” asleep, but suddenly sprang up and jumped in the air, blocking a black vulture from grabbing one of my chickens (three vultures were flying overhead - one made an attempt). He subsequently followed the birds for another 150 feet or so, barking...
  9. Coolbreeze89

    8 month old pyr/toli pups

    Hello, all! I’ve been reading through the many threads, and very much appreciate everyone’s insight and experienced guidance. I would appreciate some direction. I have a 3yr old pyr/toli male, Baba, who is very protective of his domain, but not particularly bonded to my Nigerian dwarf...
  10. F

    More than one LGD?

    We have some chickens, ducks and dwarf goats in an area about a quarter of an acre. At this time we have a English springer spaniel/Great Pyrenees mix that watches over everyone. I let her out for a little bit in the morning and some in the afternoon to run with our other dogs. But I just feel...
  11. L

    Wound care for my lgd

    I need some advice on how to heal a wound that my Great Pyr has on her nose. It's from scratching at flies that sit on the end of her nose, which opens up the skin, which causes more flies to sit there, so she scratches more. It's a vicious cycle. The same thing happened last year. The vet gave...
  12. A

    In search of LGD in Florida

    After a year with no problems, I believe I have another bobcat in my area. I set a trap last night and didn't get it. (I have successfully trapped in the past) Will try until I get it, but I think the better long term plan is finding a couple Livestock guardian dogs. I have goat kids on the...
  13. RobinC.

    LGD Breed Recommendations for central Georgia hobby farm

    Hey all, we are considering getting a LGD. We are on a small hobby farm with just a few sheep and fowl. I have about an acre and a half fenced in for the current animals, but can eventually enclose up to 4 1/2-5 acres. There is one close neighbor with whom incessant barking would be an issue...
  14. A

    Mastiff-hound mix

    I have the option of getting mastiff/hound puppy mix dogs for free. I am also in need of a couple of LGD dogs. Free is worth saving up for! BUT would they make good LGD dogs? I have goats, chickens, & ducks and will be adding cows this year or next. I have 2 acres fenced in, 6ft tall fence. So...
  15. Southern by choice

    "D" comforts Red

    Red (lamancha doe) kidded this morning, struggled through pregnancy toxemia. "D" is always with her and the pregnant does. Tonight watching the monitor waiting on another doe we saw this. "Red" resting her head on "D". This is just another reason why "D" is my love. I am so blessed to have...
  16. Wehner Homestead

    Wehner Homestead LGD

    Since y’all seem to like Queenie ;) and I’m a little attached to her, I thought I’d start a thread to share our LGD stories and pics on. We do plan on adding at least one more LGD sometime this year. Queenie LOVES her human kids. She now makes a daily trip in the house to clean up any messes...
  17. BrendaMNgri

    Big Predators No Problem for These Guys….. :D

    So…. Reading the stories and comments on here of injured dogs, dead livestock, big predators. :pop:pop:pop:pop:pop Well, here's the other side of the coin: A success story. If you want to see the photos of all the predators and the country they ranch in and their dogs, you'll have to (gasp!)...
  18. dejavoodoo114

    Kimber tangled with Cougar!! Underdogged.

    Some of you already know my history and struggles, for those of you who don't I will outline them here. I have had two GPs for over 5 years, Smith and Wesson. Smith is the older one by a few months, he loves babies of all species but once they grow up he looses interest. He prefers to stay at...
  19. BrendaMNgri

    Adding Livestock Guardian Dogs to an Existing Pack

    Sheep! Magazine has my latest article out on adding LGDs to your existing group of dogs. Many LGD owners stress out and/or fear over adding more dogs (whether pups or adults) to an existing unit of dogs. It really is not anything to fear, or panic over. Be sure and check out the reading list...
  20. BrendaMNgri

    Great Pyrenees and Pyrenean Mastiff Film