1. A

    Nubian kid with goiter?

    I have a 3 month old Nubian buckling who was weaned at 8 weeks. We have noticed a large lump around the area where the neck meets the chin. It is soft, not hard. He doesnt seem to be sick or anything, he acts normal. Could it be a milk goiter? Is it possible that this could occur with a kid that...
  2. M

    Cow with odd lump on leg

    Holstein cow has had this lump on her leg for years. When You remove it, it comes back. The vet came in and didn’t know what it was. Anyone have any ideas? Check out the picture. Thanks
  3. promiseacres

    hernia or abscess? photos on #9

    One of my 8 week old sable point velveteen lops has an abscess on his stomach. I am thinking I need to cull him. I was researching thinking I could treat with bi cillin but looks like treatmentioned is 8+ weeks.... hate to do it but I know it's probably best. Anyone have any success with at...
  4. L

    Tiny red dots on udder

    My pregnant ewe has tiny red dots on her udder and skin around her udder. Our other sheep don't seem to have these dots. ALSO she has a growth that resembles a third nipple! Anyone seen anything like this?
  5. KatandCrowley

    Wether kid with small lump

    I have a 3 week old wether that has a small (under a dime sized) lump on his face. Near the bottom of his lower jaw. Soft and moveable. He came from a herd that is negative for CL, CAE, and Johnes. No hair loss. He is acting completely normal, very playful. Should I be worried? Thanks
  6. R

    Vaccination reaction

    New goat owner and new to the forum. Our 6 week buckling had vaccines on Monday. Within seconds he went into anaphylactic shock, stiff legs, falling over, tongue out. The vet gave him a shot to counter the effects and said we just needed to watch him. Monday evening he doesn't put weight on...