1. SloanHerd

    New from Tuscaloosa, Alabama

    Hi, all! My name is Ross and I am new to this group and the goating world (WOW, there’s a lot to learn!!!!). My wife and I purchased two female Nigerian Dwarf goats and we are in love. We named them after our favorite beaches, Rosemary and Alys! I am constantly looking for information and...
  2. JirehFarmsTN

    Salty Jersey Milk...What’s Causing it?

    Hi all! We recently added a 5 year old Jersey cow to our herd. She was being used as a nurse cow so she was still in milk, and we have been hand milking her. The only problem is when her milk gets cold, it’s salty! Research online has told me that it can be 3 things: Mastitis Been in...
  3. R

    How to Raise bottle baby goats???

    Hello so someone gave me a 10 day old baby goat yesterday!! And obviously I never raised a bottle baby before!! I’m looking for help!! Could someone tell me everything I have to do!! Should I use milk replacer from a farms store or someone said cows milk should I use that?? Any info will help!!!
  4. M

    One Teat Not Refilling

    I have an 11 month old Nigeeian Dwarf who had her first freshening in March. The kid only nursed from her right teat, as he had trouble latching on to her left teat because there isca bump on it. We started milking her left teat because it was really full and the kid nursed the right side. Two...
  5. shepherdO

    URGENT info needed re: how to encourage MILK production!

    Hi all, As I just posted in my post re: Nibbles and her quads, she 'miraculously' came back to life after essentially being a goner. She now won't let me take the lambs away from her - if I do she races around, and ignores her feed completely. At least with her lambs there she'll eat a bit...
  6. M

    75% Nigerian 25% Pygmy

    We are considering buying a purebred Nigerian dwarf female who has been exposed to a buck who is half Nigerian half Pygmy. We are interested in goats for milk. We figure the offspring would still be good milkers, but maybe stockier. Anyone experience this cross before? Thanks!
  7. A

    Should I be concerned

    That a set of twins born 2/26 from a doe with really low hanging udders that they have a really hard time latching on aren't getting enough milk? The doe won't let me try to milk her to see, she has really weird udders too... I rescued her and wasn't going to breed her because i think she's kind...
  8. SerenityOaksHomestead

    Goat milking liners

    Hi y’all! I’m brand new to milking and just getting started with a FF and she has very small tears. ND goat. I’d like to machine milk her as she HATES being hand milked. My problem is I can’t find silicone milking liners anywhere! Anyone know where I can purchase them? All seem to come and...
  9. Kaseylsnow

    Which Goat Breed Makes the Best Tasting Milk?

    I know this is all a matter of opinion and preference, but I'm looking into raising goats for milk someday soon and am trying to narrow it down to a breed to go with. Leaning toward the Nigerian Dwarf for space and have heard their milk tastes pretty good. I am trying to locate a goat farm...
  10. WeizenfelderGal

    I just gave CDT to all goats. Can we drink the milk?

    Hi, I am so new to all this GOAT Stuff. We gave all 12 Goats a CDT shot last night. I milk them twice a day. Can we drink that milk? Is there a time frame we need to just toss it out? So many questions. I didn't even think about it :( Thanks everyone!!! -Crista
  11. Magon VanWagner

    Pregnant pot belly got milk 25 hrs ago

    My pregnant mini potbelly got her milk in a little over 25hrs ago and still no babies i have spent nights in the pen with her she gets upset when i leave. Its 4 am here and im still with her should i be concerned that she hasnt started atlctive labor this long after getting her milk in and is...
  12. WildOaksManor

    Scours in bottle fed lamb - 60 hrs old??

    This is my first bottle baby, rejected at birth. Wensleydale ram. He got colostrum for the first 6 hrs, then two long 15 min feeds, 12 hrs apart while the ewe was restrained. Obviously not sure exactly how much he got. He is now on powdered milk replacer. Started out feeding 4 ounces every 3 hrs...
  13. Wehner Homestead


    As some of you know, we have Nigees and love them! We got dairy goats to provide milk for our medically fragile daughter. Our goal is to replace all of her dairy intake with caprine. BYH has introduced me to Minis as I had never heard of them prior. We are strongly considering either getting a...
  14. M

    Upset tummy from cows milk?

    Aloha! Living in Hawaii raising a few of the "wild boar" Polynesian variety of pig that roams the island. We have 5 now, after losing and harvesting a few. The pigs are kept in movable pens in grass pasture and moved every three days. I have a wild caught gilt that we've kept for a few months...
  15. Green Acres Farm

    Milk Withholding Time For Lute

    For y'all who have had the unfortunate circumstance(s) of having to lute your does, what is the milk withholding period you use? The Fiasco Farms site said none (but not everything I have found to be accurate on there), so I called our vet and asked and the receptionist. She said would ask the...
  16. EllieMay

    When City Folk Think Farming is Easy...

    Too funny! Video Link: City Folk Farming .
  17. BlessedWithGoats

    Corid Milk Withdrawal time

    Hi everyone! How long after a doe has been given Corid (9.6% liquid form) is the milk safe to drink? Thanks!!
  18. Alison

    Why did my milk thicken when heated?

    Maybe this is a common sense chemistry sentence (oxymoron), but why did my milk thicken when I heated it? My doe kidded yesterday. Her udder was HUGE and the kids couldn't latch on. So I milked her out and saved some for the babies (bottle feeding them colostrum), froze some, and kept some...
  19. M

    Help me learn...

    hey all! Just moved to our first little homestead in August... Have chickens now and plan to add meat rabbits in Spring. Currently we are still technically in city limits though we have acreage, but it prevents us from having "livestock". However We have a friends with alpacas on 40 acres who...
  20. Ackthecat

    Not sure where this goes, CDT vaccine and withholding milk

    I have 2 goats, one is currently producing milk. I know neither have been vaccinated and I want to give the CDT vaccine. Had horses on the property before we moved in. Do I need to withhold milk?