1. Momma.sea

    New Goat Mama Here

    First time goat owner here! (Excuse my lack of goat :D). I have 2 unregistered pure bred Nigerian dwarf goats, one buck and one (soon to be) wether. I originally purchased them as pets but I’m wanting to expand our herd for milk production in the coming year! I have a couple questions for you...
  2. seachick

    Goat stalls - cover the 2x4 framing or not?

    Building a new small barn -yay! Question: is there any advantage to covering the inside of the framing, at least the lower half, with boards or plywood? I see this done both ways in photos of other people's barns. It seems like it might make cleaning out the stall easier without all those...
  3. seachick

    Planning our pasture... soggy area in woods OK?

    Hello, We live on a small <1 acre lot in the suburbs and are getting 2 Nigerian Dwarf does. We plan to fence in a part of our grassy lawn that is about 1000 square feet for them, but it has no shrubs or trees. We DO have a big chunk of wooded area that we could fence, but it's pretty soggy. In...
  4. G

    New goat momma has questions.

    Hey, I am getting my 2 nigerian dwarf wethers this weekend. I already have a pen off to the side of the yard for my chickens. It is pretty big, so I built the goats a shelter on the opposite end of the chicken coop. The goats will be let out of the pen every morning. Most mornings I will leave...
  5. DaisythePig

    Need help with building secure fence for dog that runs away!

    Does anyone know how to build a fence for a dog that can dig out. My dog runs away and i need a secure fence for him. Any advice welcome! Thanks
  6. Sonja

    Electric Poultry Netting for Rabbit Grazing Pen

    We have hens in electric fenced/netted pen that we can move to fresh pasture when needed. We have an extra netting set-up so I was wondering if it could be used to pen our NZWs on pasture. Really wanting to cut feeding cost and it seems pasture raised meat rabbits could be do-able. I'm hoping...