1. Mahoney

    Hello From Alabama!!

    Hello Everyone! I joined a couple months ago, I just have not introduced myself yet. We own a homestead in Roanoke, AL, where we raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Kune Kune Pigs, American Guinea hogs, Guinea hens, Red Star Chickens, Delaware Chickens and Quails. All of our animals are fed organic and...
  2. 8

    Kunekune scrotal hernia

    Hello everyone, I raise Kunekune pigs amongst other animals. I am a beginner, this year I had by first three litters, hooray! I'd been waiting for that for some time. Yesterday after much research on YouTube, we castrated a bunch of piglets (a feral pig got to my kk sow 😑, so all the half...
  3. B

    Mini Pig Pregnancy

    Hi everyone! I’m completely new to this site (I’ve browsed conversations for years but never took part or posted) but I recently got a female mini pig, and I’m curious if she is pregnant. I’ll share as much info as I know about her, which isn’t very much. We’re calling her ‘Pig Pig’ for now...
  4. I

    What to farm

    summary is at the bottom Hello for the California part of the Mojave Desert. So just a brief intro my husband and I bought a three acre property out in the desert about a twenty minute drive away from a big traveling pit stop on the way to Vegas. We love animals and livestock and have cared for...
  5. MargaretClare

    Storing Caul Fat??

    I was planning on keeping the caul fats off our butchers this year and trying some recipes but I won't be using all of them immediately. What are some ways to store it so that it will remain intact? I know it's pretty perishable and I've read it can be frozen but are there certain storage...
  6. Magon VanWagner

    Pregnant pot belly got milk 25 hrs ago

    My pregnant mini potbelly got her milk in a little over 25hrs ago and still no babies i have spent nights in the pen with her she gets upset when i leave. Its 4 am here and im still with her should i be concerned that she hasnt started atlctive labor this long after getting her milk in and is...
  7. N

    pig has diahrrea and is walking in circles

    hi guys, im fairly new on here. i was womdering if you guys can help me.. i have a 4 month old pig that has diahrrea and is walking in circles his head is tilted toward the left.. im not sure whats wrong with him hes not eating..
  8. M

    Rescue pig possibly pregnant?????

    We took in a potbelly June 2 that was found on the road by a sherif deputy. Over the last month she's seemed to get a milk line and gained weight. I keep going back and forth with thinking she's pregnant. Are there any other reasons they could develop teats? They aren't tight and full or...
  9. N

    First time pig owner in the Hi - desert California

    Hello my name is noemy.. I came across this site while looking for answers on how to take care of our pigs.. we're first time pig owners.. my uncle bought two pigs a couple months back turned out out one was pregnant and she had 14 pigs in one litter... the babies are about 3 months old now...
  10. Goat Shaman

    Pig Questions

    I'm considering getting pigs, so I have some questions. Some may be irrelevant to a first time pig owner, but I'm curious. I'm currently reading a book that answers some of these questions, but other opinions from experienced pig owners would be helpful. Is it okay to start with one gilt, and...
  11. Goat Shaman

    New in Northeast TX

    Hi, I have a backyard herd of 5 goats. Their names are Ronin, Periwinkle, Wanda, Imzadi, and Bambina. Each are individuals and have their own story. I wasn't raised in the country, and I got my first goats the day after Christmas on 2013, so I'm a relative newbie. I really enjoy country...
  12. N

    Help! Pig always seems crazy hungry!!!!

    Long story. Will try to make it short. Lol. We rescued a piglet who is now about 8 months old. When we got her she was malnourished, underweight, and half dead. We let her live in our garage under a heat lamp, fed her food we Vitamixed for her, gave her antibiotics for her respiratory infection...
  13. Farmer Connie

    Keeping fly's out of laceration on Sow

    I have a beautiful Hampshire Sow who was injured about 6 days ago. She has a gash on her shoulder that is slow healing. I irrigate it several times a day with hydrogen peroxide and apply iodine to prevent infection. It is slowly healing but it is deep and flies are magnetized and piling on it...
  14. BunnyBoxHop

    Piggies Gone Done Got Them A Contest~ Ends August 30th 2017

    Howdy and welcome to my contest! :woot Rules 1. Follow all BYH rules! 2. Be nice 3. NO cussing or censoring letters 4. Tell a friend! (You don't have to, but I would love if you did! :p) 5. HAVE FUN!!! Fill out this form Pig/piglet: Breed: Age: Gender (if known): Name: Picture: I will choose...
  15. N

    Opinions please! Pig Runt has horrible scabs?

    We received our (what we were told was a 3 month old) runt about 4 days ago. We were given her to us for free when we bought two other pigs from a pig farmer. What the guy said was "you guys want this runt? The mom just didn't have enough milk so she got pushed out and she never grew" so mind...
  16. S

    Pigs going to the bathroom in their shelter/bedding??

    Hello! I'm new to raising pigs and I'm having trouble with my pigs going to the bathroom in their shelter/bedding. Are there any typical causes for this? From what I've read this isn't typical. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  17. DaisythePig

    How to tell the difference between a farm pig and a mini pig.

    Does anyone know how to tell the difference between a farm piglet and a mini piglet? I would like to get a mini but i don't want to fall into any scams. Also do pigs get a lot of sicknesses? thanks!
  18. A

    help! sick mini piglet!

    One of my mini piglets are sick! All 5 of them were abandoned by mom 3 says after birth so we took them inside to care for them. They are a week and a day old. Up until 2 says ago she was doing great just like her brother and 3 sisters. Now she mopes around and barely eats... Could it be...
  19. A

    piglet leg injury

    I have a 3 week old piglet who's leg was stepped on by momma pig. he cried when it happend and then favored it for about an hour, i seperated him overnight so i could keep an eye on him and let him rest it but it seems like it is only occasionally bothering him now. he was able to jump right...
  20. Ferguson K

    Ferguson K's 2016 farrowing thread!

    This thread may not be very fun, I'm afraid. At the moment we only have two females bred. Rita, if she took on her first breeding, is due any day now. She's showing premature signs. Her little tests have started to enlarge and she's slowing on appetite. DH called me frantically to the pen...