sheep breeders

  1. Legamin

    Cost Analysis and Expected Profitability of the Small Sheep Ranch

    Starting a small sheep ranch seems like it should be easy enough. Put up fence, erect a barn for hay and a barn for sheep in the Winter and plant lots of grass…simple! (Or so I thought 5 years ago) in the first year I learned a couple of hard lessons. 1. It REALLY matters who you buy your sheep...
  2. newton the goat

    lookout for colors

    I absolutely love my colors in my flock so far, and I can't wait to see what my young ram has to offer, but I honestly would like to add some darker colors. I was reading goatgurls post from back in 2015-16 where she had an absolutely gorgeous black katahdin ram that looked almost like a black...
  3. Wolflord

    NC Breeders

    Looking for livestock breeders in NC. So if you breed anything from horses to rabbits. Post it here :)