Coffee anyone ?

Honeybee Hill

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Apr 16, 2022
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Long Island, NY
First cup in, second one getting ready. I got a new coffee maker, it's a ninja-weird looking machine, but I can use the k-cups or regular grounds, so I'm not dumping plastic constantly. That makes me feel somewhat better after dropping a crazy amount of money on this thing.
Woke up to no heat this morning-because why should everything work properly? I tend to expect too much I guess. So I have a nice cozy fire going, and the repairman is going to try to get here today.
This past weekend was my birthday, and DH planned a whole weekend of festivities. The local town does a "Charles Dickens festival" every year and (I'm dating myself) I adore Charles Dickens. So we spent time watching carolers dressed in old English garb, and Scrooge characters roaming the streets giving little dramatic speeches. :old
I know-I'm a nerd, but I was completely charmed. :lol:

I have so much to do today-Christmas season is nuts at the flower shop, so I'm trying to get all my chores done before the lunacy begins next week. This coming weekend is the Fire Department "Santa Run" so I have to decorate the apparatus, and get all of my vehicles manned for the parade. It's always great fun, and very, very cold. :cool:

Off to bring in more wood, and try to get some warmth in here!!


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Aug 22, 2010
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East Texas
@Honeybee Hill that sounds like a perfect birthday weekend! Happy Birthday!

On first cup of coffee, heat works, but don’t need it. It’s 68 F with a high of 78F today. Tomorrow’s high will be 80F.

Trailer is hitched to the truck. I’ll be out of here shortly for a destination 2 1/2 hours away. I’ll post pictures tonight!