Don’t know what to do at this point.

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Sep 4, 2015
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S coastal VA
Just cannot express how deeply sorry I am for the loss of Whiskey, a true family member. There is no doubt you cherished him.💔 Please let the other two work through this with you. Obviously you will help each other through the despair being felt and they will continue to support you, with unlimited love. Please let them.

You went above and beyond to save Whiskey but, the cancer was too far.🥴 Nothing you would have known was happening back when it started. 🥹

Please know we are here for you and truly feel your pain. Sharing helps us know some things we didn't before, to watch for. It is good for you to be able to share your loss and grief, where people understand how deeply it hurts.🫂 Animal lovers all.

We would love for you to stay with us and share your other friends, thoughts, ask questions and offer advice to others. This is a pretty friendly, sharing group. Very diverse backgrounds who gather to share good & bad with respect for the land, our animal partners, and life in general.

RIP Whiskey. You are loved, missed, honored and pain free.💕
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