Feeding Practices ~ Rabbits

Niele da Kine

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Sep 5, 2020
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Moku Nui Hawaii
Be sure to include what state / country / region that you are in.
Hawaii Island

What specifically are you feeding?
Um, rabbits? English angora rabbits, so they need more protein to grow 'wool'.

Nutrina's Naturewise 18% rabbit pellets mixed with rolled barley and some BOSS. About three scoops pellets to one scoop barley and a half to quarter scoop BOSS.

Also lots of forage. At least one day a week, only forage. Guinea grass, ti leaves, mulberry leaves, twigs and branches, citrus leaves twigs and branches as well as the occasional fruit. Bunnies like grapefruit, who knew? Garden trimmings, yard weeds, coconuts & coconut leaves, banana leaves, etc., etc. There's loads of bunny forage around here.

What are you adding to supplement it?
Some sort of rolled grain if I can get it. The feed store sometimes runs out.

And how does your feeding program change seasonally?
It doesn't change much since we don't really do seasons around here other than rainy season and not as rainy season.

They get alfalfa cubes as chew toys occasionally. It takes them awhile to chew up the big square blocks that horses usually eat.


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Nov 26, 2020
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Salisbury Maryland
Eastern Shore of Maryland
6 rabbits ,12 weeks to 5 years

Feed: southern states pellets for the 5 adults, manna pro for the youngster.
How much ,more than I should always have some leftover.

Spring and Summer time; grass hay, fresh orchard grass, fox grape leaves, blackberry leaves, dandelion, plantains, leaf lettuce, carrot leaves, arugula, oregano, italian dandelion, basil, white dutch clover. Winter rye, wheat, some red clover before it's all tilled in. Try something different daily while it's growing.

Fall and winter; whatever I may have still growing or not dead in the garden like kale, wheat ,rye and clover are growing slow. Some left over leaf lettuce, chickweed as it comes along. I'll buy romaine, collards, endive, mustard greens, kale, lettuce not iceberg. Mix it up something different every week. When it's cold I add a tablespoon of oats or boss. Just started growing barley fodder again. Split up a sandwich sized container between them.
Treats: occasionally apple slices, banana slice, couple of raisins, honeysuckle vine and leaves, mulberry,maple branches and leaves. Sunflower leaves.
Toys: cardboard soda box, toilet paper/ paper towel empty roll stuffed with hay. Drink mixing jigger to throw around and make noise.
20 degrees or lower I add straw to nestle in. I was shocked they eat it.
These are just for fun and fertilizer.