Feeding Practices ~ Rabbits

Niele da Kine

Overrun with beasties
Sep 5, 2020
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Moku Nui Hawaii
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Hawaii Island

What specifically are you feeding?
Um, rabbits? English angora rabbits, so they need more protein to grow 'wool'.

Nutrina's Naturewise 18% rabbit pellets mixed with rolled barley and some BOSS. About three scoops pellets to one scoop barley and a half to quarter scoop BOSS.

Also lots of forage. At least one day a week, only forage. Guinea grass, ti leaves, mulberry leaves, twigs and branches, citrus leaves twigs and branches as well as the occasional fruit. Bunnies like grapefruit, who knew? Garden trimmings, yard weeds, coconuts & coconut leaves, banana leaves, etc., etc. There's loads of bunny forage around here.

What are you adding to supplement it?
Some sort of rolled grain if I can get it. The feed store sometimes runs out.

And how does your feeding program change seasonally?
It doesn't change much since we don't really do seasons around here other than rainy season and not as rainy season.

They get alfalfa cubes as chew toys occasionally. It takes them awhile to chew up the big square blocks that horses usually eat.