Horse contest! Show your horses! Ends, Oct 6th!

Madhouse Pullet

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Sep 9, 2020
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Stockton, CA
Category 1- Solid Colors!

1st- Sygrina! W. @thistlebloom !
2nd- Richie! W. @promiseacres !
3rd- Hudson! W. @Hudson and me !

Nice job guys!:p:weee
Category 2- Paints and spots!

1st- Rosie! W. @lalabugs !
2nd- Chase! W. @promiseacres !

Only 2 entries here! Good job everyone!
Category 3- Minis! This was a FUN category!

1st- Teddy, I absolutely LOVED that snow picture!:bow @chickens really
2nd- The minis, the brown one! @promiseacres
3rd- Nuat! W. @promiseacres

There tiny, but super cute! Congrats!
Category 1- Quiky!

1st- Prince! @Baymule Loved him!

1 entry, but great job!
:clap A belated congratulations to all the winners!!! 🎉 those were some great photos!! Special thanks to you Misty for hosting :) even if there were few entries, it was pretty fun to see all the pictures!!

Ohh how fun it would on to see all cows, too :love
Prince is such a goof ball. He’s the nosiest horse I’ve ever had. Prince is all up on whatever we are doing, he’s a great helper!

Since you like him so much, have some more Prince!

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:lol: those are hilarious!
Thanks! He has a thread in the Everything else horses forum. He’s another kill pen horse. We got him from a lady that bought him, then needed money. He is a bundle of personality!
He sounds like a funny boy, and definitely handsome.