How do you deal with rustling?


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Feb 26, 2016
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Northern Lower Michigan
Your best option is likely to be re-tracking with controls in place to keep them from rustling the paper. (Even just punching the parts where there is a paper rustle would help)

Assuming that's not a possibility: Use ReFIR to silence out the noise floor where there isn't paper or voice going on. Then edit the track. Any rustling that happens when they're not talking should be edited out (and the edits won't be obvious because you used ReFIR to ensure that "silence" when they're not talking sounds the same as silence when you edited out the track. In the event that voice and paper occur at the same time, you may just have to live with it.

So confused on what you are talking about.


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Jan 10, 2022
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Alright y’all, I’m angry. In the past month I have seen several people with stolen cattle. At least five individual offenses, one was caught. The one that was caught was also going around shooting horses and foals and some goats. One particular rustling was of 15 belted galloways, the man is looking at losing his 300 acre farm because of the theft. Another one the gal got her calf back, but it was poisoned and died last night. Most of these people have guard animals. What can be done? I remember a sherif briefing the neighborhood once about stringing cattle thief up, it was in Texas mind you. Overall though, it seems to me, that the importance of a man’s (or woman’s) livestock had been diminished. I know it used to be if you took someone’s livestock it was the same as killing the person and their family, and the penalty reflected that. Nowadays it isn’t like this. In anycase what can you do to avoid having your animals stolen?
Depends where you live and what your state considers a reasonable ’defense of property’. In my state we are allowed to use deadly force. This is, of course, a very LAST resort…but often if you go out on the property in the early evening while it is still light and shoot a few rounds just to let anyone watching and waiting know…..(be safe, be careful)…
Buy some trail cameras and put them around your property fence line. HIDE THEM WELL or you are just buying cameras for thieves. Browning (check their .com) sells cameras that take a picture and sends it to your phone…you can then make the decision to call the police/sherif to rectify any incursion that may be occurring. I have put in solid welded wire Cattle Panels around our 10 acre perimeter and just outside that is a barbed wire fence. The top line is razor wire and is well out of all ANIMAL’s reach…so…’safe’. I have put in solar charged motion sensor lighting around every building. I have put in audible motion sensor alarms in higher traffic areas where the animals are…generally at the height just above my sheep’s heads. I’ve also tattooed EVERY animal (not the chickens or the bees) including the dogs. If my animals are found the local sherif knows my code. Guard dogs are as good as their bark and their willingness to defend ALL intruders when you are not around. If they are not out and about on their own at night they are no use except to the animals they are with. Any guardian animal has to have some real fight in them to be any kind of threat to a midnight rambler.
I often don’t sleep well and wander the property at night with my shotgun. My problem is a high density of coyotes…the four pawed variety…but I’m out there just often enough to give anyone who might have an eye on the place pause before choosing me as their next target.
I’m not violent. I’m very practical. But a thief is a thing to be eliminated at all costs or you and your neighbors will never feel safe.