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Aug 22, 2010
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East Texas
You have your learning sheep and goats. They will teach you many things. You may lose some along the way. Have a good cry, put on your Big Girl panties and move forward. As you learn more about the breeds you have, you may prefer one and sell the others. You may reduce your numbers, because when they all have babies, there will be a population explosion!

When I first started, I castrated all the boys and named them Dinner. That system worked well for me. They went to slaughter and became our dinner.

LOL Then I discovered taking them to auction and not castrating them. Much easier and don’t have to fool with flaky people who WANT that cute animal and never show up.

Likewise you can’t keep all the female animals either. You can run ads on Craigslist or whatever works for you, or take to auction.

You will muddle through all of it. Most of all, have fun.