Orphaned Baby Feral Goat Bottle Feeding


Chillin' with the herd
Jan 8, 2021
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Agree with FEM. You can also water the replacer more and yogurt should help. She is a cutie!! Since the goats are so engrained there, she should probably be able to integrate again. We just don't have that where I am. VA, USA. ;) I'd have some soft hay for her to nibble. Don't know why this went italics :oops:

is she taking the bottle for you now? If not, bend over her with bottle up to make her turn neck up and feel she's under her mom. Once she starts taking it well, she won't need the covering...

sorry your seemingly having some family issues. Maybe this little gal will give you a distraction from all that. Give her a hug. Here's one for you. :hugs
Oh, I should add today’s comment by DH... “you’re going to have to train her to have her horns painted, to keep her safe. The ear tags are too small or too big, and a collar isn’t safe” we have several friends who come here to hunt the goats. As do our indigenous people, and some locals.

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